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User Review

Great Module! Get this if you can't get an MKS-20 - Reviews Yamaha TX1P

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I gigged for four years with one of these ending in 1992 and I still miss the darn thing, and it's 2020 now. It never had a problem, it was designed to do just one thing (sound like a piano) and it did an excellent job of it.

I seem to remember that Yamaha put in a feature where it you could program one key to play an interval, which was completely useless musically but would crack me up when I heard it.

Aside from that, the tone varied from normal to somewhat sharp, and the somewhat-sharp sound would make it sound beautifully clear in recordings. That I believe was because, being an '80's piano module, there was some noise in the signal, but when you reduce the high end to get rid of the noise, the remaining piano sound was great.

This module was never that expensive as modules go; however I don't know what price you might find today if you found one, since probably no one wants to part with theirs.