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From Creation to Mix: The Arrows

Watch as producer Fab Dupont turns a demo into a mix-ready track

If you had an opportunity to watch over the shoulder of a famous producer as he worked with a band to craft a hit song, you’d do it right? And what if you could also download the tracks from that song and mix them yourself? Here’s your chance to do both...

Grammy-nominated producer Fab Dupont recently helped The Arrows, a band from South Africa, turn their demo into a ready-to-mix finished track, using Pro Tools 11. The folks at Puremix and Avid have put together a six-part video series showing in detail, how Fab worked with the Arrows to get the most out of their song.

And check this out: the tracks from the session are available for download so you can do your own version of the mix, and upload it to a dedicated Creation2Mix group on SoundCloud. All you need to do is go to the Creation to Mix site and sign up.

What’s more, everyone who shares their version of the mix on SoundCloud will be automatically entered into a contest to win a copy of Pro Tools 11 and a 1-year subscription to Puremix.

And please don’t forget to share your comments and mix with us in the thread from this article. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

- December 3: You can watch Episode 1 right here. Learn Fab’s production techniques, and pickup tips you can use on your own recordings. For the next five Wednesdays (not including Christmas), we'll post a new episode right here on Audiofanzine.

- December 10: This second video shows you how the team records the bass line and soft synths parts.

- December 18: In this third part, Fab Dupont and South African band The Arrows add some drums samples, record guitars and tweak the sound using Pro Tools AAX plug-ins as well as an external synth filter to get a more electro-style. 

- January, 6, 2015: Fab Dupont and band The Arrows add an arpeggiator on the chorus using Reason in Rewire mode, tweak the part in MIDI to make it perfect as well as record a Piano that they enhance with some Pro Tools AAX plug-ins.

- January 8: In this fifth episode, Fab Dupont and band The Arrows master the art of drum editing using their Pro Tools | HDX studio setup.

- January 13: The final episode shows Fab Dupont recording and editing Pam's voice with their Pro Tools | HDX studio setup. But it's not over, for you can still upload your own mix or remix to SoundCloud, the session files are available for download after registering at this address. Not only will you learn a lot, but you could also win one of 10 copies of Pro Tools 11 and a 1-Year Puremix subscription. Want a little motivation? Fab Dupont has posted his mix of the song and The Arrows have chosen the mixes and remixes they like. If you're registered, you can here it all, and more, right here.