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If It Sounds Good, Do It!
Prince, Tom Petty, System of a Down, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sevendust are just some of the artists on producer and engineer Sylvia Massy’s discography. The 30-year studio veteran has never been bound by convention, and often finds solutions that deviate from standard studio wisdom. Her new book, “Recording Unhinged” (Hal Leonard), describes many of her non-standard techniques, as well as those from studio legends like Bob Clearmountain, Geoff Emerick, Jack Joseph Puig, Al Schmitt, Susan Rogers and many others.

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ok then, lets say you have a drum kit with hats kicks snares crashes rides and toms if you put 2 mics in every one of them and 2 room mics you basically have 14 mics on the drums... well thats not a lot :P
Don't forget she said she submixed all the tom mics to stereo, so the number drum tracks that that actually get recorded is much less than 14.
yes i know but its still a ton of mics its like 1400+ dollars only for the mics
1400+ dollars only for the mics

I hear you. Neither my mic collection nor my interface could support that many drum mics either. But I think what's most important to take away from what she said regarding drum miking, is not how many mics she uses, but the way in which she optimizes the sound of the drum mics through her phase-flipping technique. I found that very interesting, and hadn't heard it before. Even if you're only using 4 or 5 mics on a kit, that technique could be valuable. Also, her tip to make sure all the mics face the same direction, was an interesting one, too.
I've recorded with Sylvia and we had about 21 mics going on a 5 piece drum kit. I couldn't tell you what they all were for. They were trying to paint different drum sounds for different songs and utilizing all sorts of sounds in the room. The whole session blew me away. The songs came out great! if you're interested. "Stab" "Holiday" and "Kennedy" are some of the songs she produced.

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