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[FEATURE ARTICLE] Infected Mushroom Sound Alchemy - forum Sound Technique

Innovators, geek tricksters, obsessive-perfectionists, un-serious, electronic-rock geniuses? Time will tell, yet The Legend of the Black Shawarma, Infected Mushroom’s 7th album release will certainly grab the chair from underneath you and leave you thinking- I’m not sure what was this meticulous musical chaos, but I can’t stop moving even after track has finished.

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Amazing interview, I'm surprised nobody else has posted. 

Very good questions and props to Erez for being so open to share his tricks.
I would definitely would like to hear more! 

I was surprised about his stereo trick. I was suspecting they did something like that, some of the instruments sound huge.

Something I still don't understand is how they don't use any compression and get that massive sound. Don't you need at least a little to glue everything together?
What about the kick? it sounds incredible! Even in bad quality speakers. Are they doing the stereo trick here as well? Sound like the kick takes a big part of the stereo field.

Anyway, thanks for the interview.
Hi!  We had a great time interviewing Erez, and even more surprised as to how open he was about sharing all the tricks.  They really prove that you don't need to go to some fancy production school to learn all the tricks, just get some gear and play with it.



A very interesting interview.

I'm a big fan of the 'Infected Mushroom', they are very original, and creative group.  My favorite album for them is 'Converting Vegitarians'

I was surprised about the fact that they try to avoid compression in their production. I always admired the qulity of their recording & mixing skills, their productions always sounded very open, and dynamic, with a good amount of punch and presence.

Their technique of splitting a mono phrase in half, and then assigning each half to left and right channels, for a unique stereo effect, which could be used to achieve vocal harmony. (Very Cool).

Thanks for the link to the article.

Oh.... This is my first post on this wonderful forum, I just joined today, 12-31-2010. Last day of 2010 !!!

Wishing you all a Very Happy 2011





Chater-La, just read this article, great job you did; Erez is a real talent!
I just wonder: in case you meant the track DANCING WITH KADAFI when you asked "In one of your songs there is a violin, playing really like a violin, is that what you use?" the answer is YES. There is a real violin there and I'm the player (and also the author of the violin part). Erez, with whom I wrote a track which we never finished (and a part of it was put into DWK) recorded me in his place when Infected still lived in Israel.

All the best,
Jonathan Glück

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