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User Review

Very disappointing! - Reviews ESI Juli@ XTe

Short version: I returned the card after 1 week.

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- The card in itself is fairly decent, clean and relatively neutral sound. And frankly, I immediately appreciated the computer music made on a dedicated machine. That's the only positive.

- Interface / GUI is really ugly, she would have a good effect on Win95 or even 98.
- Integration into Windows is VERY bad idea! A very good example of why make it simple when it can be complicated. Even taking into account that it is a "semi-pro" card management recording modes via DirectWIRE mode is a real cannonball.
- Unable to change the latency via the DAW (FL Studio or Studio One). Therefore forced to leave your session open interface sound card, change latency, and re-open your DAW. Not but what aberration!
- The application is installed in the System32 directory! And there is nothing other than the executable. So if you want the manual (because there is not even a "help" menu in the GUI Map) should be load the CD (which is NOT an installer, by the way) and then online to look the manual.
- The process map "JulaPAN.exe" crashes all the time. And when it crashes, no other choice but to reboot the computer.
- ESI customer service is almost non-existent (1 response, on 4 mails)
- Etc. etc ...

For a map to 150 € (220 € original price), it really is abuse!

Small detail: the card has been delivered in a package in fair condition. Perhaps an unscrupulous carrier ...