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User Review

Reliability, stability, speed - Reviews RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT

Price with with Word Clock option. Uses three slots of the computer suddenly!

Very good PCIe card, easy to install Hyper. I've never had problems with one for 3 years and yet all connectors are plugged 32 ADAT channels used + AES / EBU + S / PDIF + MIDI ... 128samples dormant on a PC Core2Duo 3.16 GhZ! all without force.
Connected is a duet with a digital console, synchronized by a WC case Mutec MC3 all. (24/44100)

Warning qd Cable selection if you do not use the original ones. There is no space between the bcp connectors (ADAT).

2 default in my opinion:
- No screen indicating the IN and OUT numbers. Ok, there's no place but a little color code would have been welcome.
- An IN / OUT duo analog + on flourished would have been perfect, just in case.