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Speck Electronics

Speck Electronics
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lyonoyl's review (MicPre 5.0)

By lyonoyl, 05/06/2009
Pramp MIC / Line (+ DI facade) 1/2 rack transistor with gain 60 dB, Trim + - 10 dB, 48V, Phase Invert and adjustable High Pass Filter.
Possibility of waterfall with several Pramp to create or even a modular mix! Ultra clever and reveals quite handy use. Hence the presence of an output mix, with an insert and a Pan


Config simple, it's a Pramp!
Full access to facade so very convenient.
No down the stoppage button on the device which in my config not Drange me but can be annoying.


Perfect, clear voice, dtailles and then air, space, dynamics.
All acoustic sources (guitars, percussion, strings) are just superb.
Almost too dynamic and prcis for amplified guitars (I mean big mchantes guitars). But they really cashing. The cahrlets, wrinkles are super compelling. Not bad for some types of snare drums too.
Otherwise you rfrez this article.
We not find a dozen Ocean Way for nothing!


I have 4 years, commands the USA.
Apart from the voltage error (I have reu ... 110V) when sending quick fix with a good transformer I have never had any surprises with this tool.
Prcis reliable and amazing for its price!
A choice I would do again!

bb dreamer's review (Xtramix)

By bb dreamer, 15/11/2005
This is an extremely compact console with the number of I / O before it, particulirement well suited to connect synths / sound modules / samplers / effects and summing the num America to analog. Several modes dapplication: 70 between base lines to 2 outputs or 56 inputs, 8 subgroups to 2 outputs or 40 inputs, 16 to output gnrale subgroups. No pramplis nor qualisers, which leaves it to plug or eq pramp external choice. Also 8 send / return 16, 16 bus outputs, many opportunities for routing, the slogan as its FLEXIBILITY and uncompromising quality.


Trs clear anything.


Absolutely no breath, but really nothing, nada, total radio silence and then if rcupre of breath in the monitors, or just a machine connects, from cblage, but certainly does not the console. At the sound, it's just standard, the dynamics are impressive, the sound is extremely transparent and compltement Retailer. In my humble opinion it is hard to beat without typing in the heavyweights like Neve SSL Manley ...


I use it for a few weeks, the purchase abroad for a reasonable price. I have had other models which allows me to make some comparisons ... from my old DDA Interface (which is in the same CATEGORY a Midas Venice), the sound comes out with an increased dynamic, more body and precision in the bass, mdium / extremely sharp and well Retailer absolute zero-breath short, the sound quality is clearly better. Otherwise ana really nothing to do with the Mackies, Allen & Heath and Soundcraft small compared to limpression give the sound passes through a filter that blurs the source and crasis dynamics. Obviously when the price is not the same rating puisquelle about $ 4,000 in the United States, but soon realizes she finally worth the price considering the quality of its compactness and bte of knowing for lquivalent in I / O sub-groups and send / return, there is no other choice but to tap into a large studio console. Otherwise Speck Electronics manufactures pramps and consoles in the United States for 25 years and I've never heard in France? while this console MRIT undoubtedly be better known. If not personally, I am extremely happy!