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Squier Master

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User reviews on Squier Master products

jozz54's review (Squier - M-80 Special)

By jozz54, 03/01/2007
Ben at 250 €, it is certainly not made to US, but well ... China!
22 Jumbo frets stick, 2 humbucker pickups (humbuckers => HH)
1 volume and 1 tone for each of the microphones and a 3 position selector (neck, neck-bridge, bridge)
The handle is of form "C"
Mine is the color "red wine mettalic" as in the photo.
Polyurethane varnish on the body and the handle.
Mechanical guarding the agreement not too bad ... but no top!

8 out of 10 because I would have loved to splitter mics, but good on a skyscraper at 250 €! should not exaggerate ...


The neck is pretty nice shape suits me well, neither too big nor too thin no problems for the game Agreements or for the solos in short j'm'éclate me ...
Access to the acute is very correct to the 19th fret, after it's a bit more difficult but not impossible.
I am very very cozy shape: cutting bevel for the stomach and arm weight very evenly distributed: the head does not look and do not "fly" no.
we get sound by plugging the guitar into the amp ;-) Seriously no problems for the sound ... on the other hand for "sound" is another story.

9 of 10 for very very good ergonomics and ease of use.


Ben ... it's not a Start or a Les Paul US ... again, I'm not a blues junior tube amp like ...
Me my style of music, the blues-rock ... well Péchu and must say that the guitar is well suited
I use my roland cube 15 W (transistor) 50 with my ME slight overdrive ... it's nice.
Honestly the bridge pickup is nice, the handle a little less
I like the treble and upper mids, for serious, I like less.

6 out of 10 because the sound is nothing great, and it takes a lot of effects and settings for sound less metallic and more warm and round.


I use it for a year and I'm having good;
What I like most is its ergonomics, the less the neck pickup is not great (but far from horrible, it's quite usable);
As a beginner, I have not tried masses of models before buying, since I tried Gretch, one or two layers and a lot of yamaha lag ... etc.
The value for money is more than adequate especially for a beginner.

Over time, to begin, I would do can be the same choice ... or maybe a yamaha pacifica (more versatile mics => config HSS) but overall I am satisfied, now I pay a good Start or Tele (mex not US) or in a config HH pickups or a splitables hollow body .... short chuis undecided ;-)

8 of 10 (compared to the price)

Guitar hit single (Squier - Master Chambered Tele)

By anjikyuzan, 17/05/2012
A Korean guitar, cut one piece into the wood. Rings even if it is not plugged into an amp.

Micro Seymour Duncan humbucker.


Hit single, round tight enough.


Very warm for a tv.

Guitar driven blues, blues grass, rock.


A special guitar, you should try. Personally, I wandered, and had not led to a achter guitar. I was first attracted by the look, so I tried ...

for blues and it was really nice, a very soft touch and precise.

At the stroke I have not purchased. Then in the evening until the next day I have ceased to think. So I went back to buy it the next day.

I will separate this guitar to invest, but if I had a choice I will keep recess. Especially since we do not cross this model souvnent limited.

counter511's review (Squier - Master Thinline Tele)

By counter511, 21/12/2010
Squier Thinline Guitar (Guitar dug with apparent hearing.
Made in China.
22 frets, 2 Duncan Designed Pickups
...dropoff Window


The handle is very nice. Typical Fender.

Very good economy because the body was dug, it is only the lightest and the sound is very interesting.

Access to acute facilitated by the shape of the guitar.

This gives a great sound to empty it. The advantage of the Thinline is that even without an amp we can already hear him play ...


I played with the Squier Thinline on just about any type of music. She is doing very well on all types of music. I liked its versatility. Thing does not offer her big sister Fender. So no problem on the ACDC etc.
To get the best guitar you better have a good amp. I play a Marshall JVM 410H 100W lamp so (head + cabinet) and a Fender Hot Rod. Two excellent amps ... So inevitably I draw the best. However, with a transistor amp also gives a more typical 60 '.


I bought it in early 2009.
I tried hundreds of guitars before and after (Gibson, Fender, PRS, Ibanez ...).

There are mainly 2 guitars search. The Squier Thinline Fender Thinline and. Originally I wanted the Fender because I do not like Squier. However I found that Fender had a sound too typical, not versatile enough. I tried the guitar in a store and then I finally went with.
I think for the price this guitar should Fender Squier not ... Certainly it is the high-end home Squier but people do not know and often take for a cheap guitar that does is not. So playing with a day at a concert (with a les paul) people do not understand that I use Squier. Then he heard the sound, they changed their minds.
With the experience I remake this choice. I tried this guitar for months before finally deciding to buy it without bothering me.

Note that the guitars I have tested hundreds and that I have a dozen. It is perhaps the most versatile. Today I do need that I have a whole range of sounds (Les Paul, Stratocaster, etc.). So I plan to part with it with some other of her sisters and a few amps to finance an album.

But I advise those who want a nice guitar to play, with good sound and who do not like Mexican Fender. (Personally I do not like the Fender USA °)

counter511's review (Squier - Master Thinline Tele)

By counter511, 27/06/2007
Technical characteristics:

Model Name Thinline Tele®
Series Master Series
Colors (506) Black,
(521) Natural,
(538) Crimson Transparent,
(Polyester Finish)
Body Alder
Set-In Neck Maple, C-Shape,
(Gloss Polyurethane Finish)
Fingerboard Rosewood, 12 "Radius (305mm)
No. of Frets 22 Medium Jumbo Frets
Pickups Humbucking Pickups 2 Duncan Designed® (Neck / Bridge)
Controls Volume 1. (Neck Pickup)
Tone 1. (Neck Pickup)
Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup)
Tone 2. (Bridge Pickup)
Pickup Switching 3-Position Toggle:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups
Position 3. Neck Pickup
Bridge 6-Saddle Strings-Thru-Body Tele Bridge
Machine Heads Standard Die-Cast Tuners
Chrome Hardware
Pickguard None
Scale Length 24.75 "(628.65 mm)
Width at Nut 1.625 "(41 mm)
Unique Features Semi-Hollow Body with F-Hole,
White Binding on Top of Body,
White Dot Position Inlays,
Side Mounted Chrome "Football" Input Jack,
Black Pickup Bezels,
Chrome Control Knobs,
Matching Painted Headstock
Strings Fender Super 250L, Nickel Plated Steel, (.009 to .042), p / n 073-0250-003
None Accessories
Introduced 1/2005


So there I was surpri ... I'm not really fender ... then returning to my store, she gave me a wink!

Useless to resist. I grabbed the branch and oh ... it's beautiful ... I had never heard AC on a Squier! The crate is superb ...

The handle hugely me more ... love it or not ... I do not know if I like it or not but in any case I really ressends something magical by playing ...


The sound is very good for the body ...
Obviously I played it on an amp beast ... it also plays;)


I find it a bit high compared to those sisters ... 600 euros ... and some double standards ...

Try it if you have the budget ... it can be the favorite of your vis ...
I also insists she is very pleasant ... can be a bit specific ... but everyone will agree that she is nice because of its sound and its handle .. .dropoff window
I Esite me to buy it ... it's good ... but what it is I want lol ca