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Squier Pro Tone

Squier Pro Tone Fat Tele

User reviews on Squier Pro Tone products

rains_en's review (Squier - Pro Tone Fat Strat)

By rains_en, 05/02/2009
The Squier Pro Tone Fat strat was made in korea. It's a 22 fret, standard scale strat. It has a floyd rose licensed tremolo bridge. There are 2 single coil pickups in the middle and neck position, and a humbucker in the bridge position, all of which are controlled by a 5-way pickup switch and a volume and tone knob. The maple neck is very smooth and playable. It is, perhaps, my favorite feature of the guitar.


The maple neck has a nice feel, and, of course, being a strat, you dont have to stretch too much to reach the high notes. It's pretty heavy for a strat, but I suppose you can thank the floyd rose vibrato system for that. I'm not too happy with the electronics and I think I need to upgrade it.


The humbucker is very heavy, so it's really nice for a powerful, dirty sound. I've used it on tube and solid-state amps. The neck is so smooth, but the floyd rose is not for the simple-minded. Ive had it for 8 years, and Ive never had it professionally set up, which will most probably make the guitar shine. It has detonation issues once you move up the 5-way switch, so the neck pick-up is rather noisy. Im sure this is due to a mechanical issue onset by a user, not the factory.


After 8 years, It remains the favorite guitar of my bassist. I guess because it's low and dirty. I love the color scheme, it's like a fender deluxe. No one I know has a pro tone fat strat, or even a pro tone series squire, so it's pretty cool having one. It is definitely a head turner, but, unfortunately, people often only see it as just another squier. I had initially wanted a fender standard strat, but when I saw this guitar which was quite an eye- catcher, I decided I could settle with it. I do believe I made the right decision, because it was cheaper and just as reliable. I would have made the same choice if I had the chance. Fender doesnt like to disappoint...

brizzio's review (Squier - Pro Tone Tele Thinline)

By brizzio, 21/06/2007
This guitar comes from Korea, Series "gold" for the logo which means the high-end home squier (yes, yes it exists in them too!) Thinline body, Maple neck 21 frets medium screw, causing the guitar is fitted with two micro squier standard tele that I replaced the fender usa vintage noiseless ... the guitar sounds as good if not better than the U.S. (90'telecaster Thinline), hardware gold, plque perloïd protection, an electronic classic tv (2 micros simple, 3-position selector, volume and tone)


The neck is quite surprising as all telecaster end, Finn frets, modern profile (C) but there is rapid access to acute is correct, the weight is impeccable '(Thinline oblige!) The sound was good with mics of origin, but I changed the boards because I did not find that magic and with this quality late model fender (whether U.S. or Mexican Koreen)


It suits me plenty I like the sound of the tele is a legend I play on a Marshall 100 watts with effects and a Rocktron pédialier korg, I tried the metal (if it defends) but it ' eun crunch is that it becomes enjoyable, fabulous for blues, rock 70's clean sound fabulous, its only flaw is its rejection of large saturations (logic + vintage noiseless Thinline is not intended to be happy I play for all sounds clear the crunch and slight distortion, some reverb, lots of chorus, delay and a dose of crunchy sound of a good old marshall guitar makes this an effective weapon for a good greasy blues rock


I bought this guitar for $ 98 19 500 Belgian francs, I love this guitar we spend many more years together, I love his look, his unique sound, I like the fact that at least parts is almost impossible to find spare parts (the bridge is different from the ones found in the fender and spare parts!), the value for money is fabulous, believe it or not fender us today did not arrive at the chevi, wood quality, perfect construction, many people confuse it with the model aisaiment us! I buy it back again and again if I had to go back 9 years ago this guitar to change my vision of sound and music that I play

Squier Stratocaster Pro Tone Series (Squier - Pro Tone Stratocaster )

By MGR/jackhole1990, 16/08/2004
One day I was looking for an electric guitar to get started with. I was looking at an Ibanez SA160QM but the local shop (Mike's Music) didn't have that brand really. He said, "Imma go look for something similar to that for ya though." So he sat on the computer for no less than 15 minutes while I looked around. He waltzed up to me and told me to try 'this one' out. I heard it's wonderous sound and had them fine tune it for me and get all the nicks out, (It's a used one by the way) and I was on my way. paid 175.00USD plus the gear. A total of 375.00USD.

What i love about this one is the kind of great tone you get. The 3 alnico single-coil pickups are really what make it scream.
For all those who like the famous people playing the same guitar you do, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Motley Crue all used the Stratocaster.

There are a few flaws that are there because i bought it used. First one of the the rear pickup screws are missing the spring to huld that pickup in place so it's a bit loose. The Floyd Rose on it really makes the tuning part really hard, especially being prone to breaking strings. Oterwise there really isn't much else to badmouth it about.

The Shoreline Rosewood Gold fretboard is good for very fast players. The body is beautifully finished. Then the tuners aren't too bad but tend to lose the tune just a hair. but the Floyd Rose is the hardest part to get around.

Overall this is a mighty fine guitar for the price I paid. It's holding up great after a good year for me (plus how many the previous owner had it). I would reccomend it to everyone.

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a very good guitar and beautiful (Squier - Pro Tone Tele Thinline)

By jacqn, 30/03/2013
see below
unknown series, made that 2-3 years but very good quality
recovery in the short article on Squier in "Electric Guitars The Illustrated Encyclopedia" of eTony Bacon (Author), D. Burrluck (Author), Peters Day (Author) - Dictionary and Encyclopedia (hardcover). Released in 12/2006
as evidence of the quality of Korean Squier 1996-8
how she scored the spirit this series


handle very comfortable for the rest it is a TV but ... weight
this is what makes me different between crack with major back problems
I was warned about the mechanical tjs not very good in the long run on these models, but it does not suffer from this problem


it is a pure blues machine!
I found the original pickups very satisfactory
with a full lamp (Blackheart BH15) with gain almost the bottom of the handle is a fat, round, and very sharp snapping
say that the middle position is less interesting, but it is often the case on guitars, and especially TVs
great sustain vacuum as amplified hollow body forces


excellent value for money for this model at the price I got it (perfectly tuned with new strings and more)
I sold my TV Lite Ash by lack of affinity, not finding my game on this model probably better construction (though) but with less personality, heavier and less attractive
it is not only beautiful but a real character
So for me full board
for now they still pass unnoticed in sales (I was the only one to be interested in the classifieds where it was posted, that is to say) but I think the score will climb slowly but surely seen the quality of this guitar

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