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Squier Jagmaster

Squier Vintage Modified Jagmaster [2000-2004]

User reviews on Squier Jagmaster products

toma35's review (Squier - Vintage Modified Jagmaster)

By toma35, 03/08/2006
Squier by Fender Jagmaster
21 frets
Duncan Design humbucker
Mount Synchronous Tremolo
3 position selector, 1 volume, 1 tone
Rosewood handle ²

It has a handle jaguar, super nice, easy handling, soft and slip it right.
Access to acute is really easy due to its shape.
Very good ergonomics is quite light (lighter than a Start) and has a good grip.
This gives the sound you want easily, even on a low end amp it potato, it really boost the amp with a little reverb is even better: D.

This guitar is perfect for grunge, she potato and overall is quite versatile, but is really very effective for the grunge and punk
I use it with a Harley Benton 40 watt and a DS1 and a Big Muff and even with this amp, it is striking and doing well.
I like the pickups and selector uses mostly the middle-but the other position is really very good too!

I utlise since one week I start to know a little but the rest Dirat time.
I love its look and its good grunge (my favorite style) but I like the fact that it is versatile enough
The value for money is great or phenomenal, I aquérir thomann for 277 euros.
I would do gladly that choice, since one week I never left her!

For those still hesitant, go ahead, "is to the ball!" lol ..

Ultranol's review (Squier - Vintage Modified Jagmaster [2000-2004])

By Ultranol, 23/10/2003
China 2003-22 cargo - two humbuckers of unknown origin - bridge fender (2 screws) standard - a knob for volume, one tone and one for the 3-position selector (bridge - bridge / neck - neck) ... Mcanique some lgre accoustillage and a little cheap, but ...

The handle is wide enough for a squier and this a little closer to that of an SG. Surprisingly it is comfortable for a guitar this price. We control the machine after a few minutes. CHAC is extremely simple to acute (rather than on a standard strat).
This guitar PSE weight, and size does not look like much, but it needed quite quickly ... A good strap seems to me indispensable ...

I mainly play a pop and shuffled mtal (think Smashing Pumpkins or Feeder) ... It is certain that soon I will change the micro acute rather shabby in itself, and trs prolific in terms of parasite. on the other hand, micro serious produces sound heavy, and organic Submitted trs. Connect all on a Bigg Muff and you get something pretty close to the sound of the album Siamese Dream (Smashing Pumpkins)

I have this week REU (directly from Germany 330 euros Franais ... the price is 440 euros ... which makes the guitar less attractive) with the ide of customizing changing microphones, easel and mcanique ... I continue in this IDE but I keep the mic serious ^_^... Outside the look a bit "indie-rock" of the thing, its vintage look (silver sparkle !!!!), I immediately loved this guitar (and most cheap I possde) ... something special ... it is DGIG could a cricket addagio for weapons of mass destruction (the Voous follow me? ^ _ ^)

A guitar with no characters to CHRE!

Good sound and opportunities (Squier - Vintage Modified Jagmaster)

By Binuts, 21/11/2011
Char: Fender Squier Jagmaster Upgrade RW BK, electric guitar, Alder Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 24 "(610 mm) Scale, 1650" (42 mm) Width at Nut, 21 Medium Jumbo Frets, Standard Die-Cast Tuners, 6 Screw Mount Synchronous Tremolo, 2 Duncan Designed Humbucking Pickups, Toggle Switch, Parchment Pickguard, Color black

Two knobs: Volume, Tone. A micro slecteur 3 positions: round, all easel.
I push everything back (so high) and slecteur on the bridge pickup or the middle and I m'clate.

Good sound on my amp Laney Cube lamp and a Peavey bandit was fun in all registers: rock, punk, grunge, garage, mtal, funk, jazz. Trs comfortable in the treble.

No, but look at me that style! I believe in Sonic Youth and Nirvana I ds the door)

The only problem is for the whammy bar: No bar provided! and especially the bar Squier Stratocaster that I was not going to pass on! Here we need a finer Diameter ... gosh, and Thomann (and internet in general) impossible to know what bar would be compatible. We'll store sold a 10 euro which is perfect.

Voil if I like it very trs <3

Very good guitar for beginners (Squier - Vintage Modified Jagmaster [2000-2004])

By dave-grohl, 31/01/2014
Made in China
Alder body
Maple neck C shape
Rosewood fingerboard radius 241 mm
22 medium jumbo frets
2 humbuckers old model
Controls: volume, 2 tones
3 position switch

The highlight of this guitar is its handle. It slides alone and easy to play even with small hands. The highs are easy to reach.
With a good neck adjustment, the tuning holds, mechanical remain strong even though they are obviously not the best quality.

This is the old model, so the microphones were not very accurate.
For grunge that's fine. The dual configuration hambucker was that of Jaguar Kurt anyway.
I play on an old Marshall Valvestate and it is very good for a sound with distortion.
Clearly, this is so pretty, but good to know what that means.

I use it for 13 years but not very extensively.
This is a good guitar not too expensive; beginner guitarists is perfect, but for those who do not play too often.
I tried guitars at the same price (including Cort), and is still well above.
And the look is still great.

So exceptional price / quality ratio and without hesitation I would do this choice.