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Squier Classic Vibe Series: The Test

Do you feel the vibe? Squier has been making low-cost guitars based on Fender designs since 1982. Because their early guitars have now become collector items for some, Squier is seeking to regain some of that magic with their Classic Vibe Series. This latest series was launched to capture the "vibe" of classic Fender designs as opposed to trying to be exact reproductions of vintage models. read more…

User reviews on Squier Precision Bass products

Fender Affinity P-Bass (Squier - Affinity P Bass)

By MGR/jay, 27/07/2004
i brought this bass from meltone in melton mowbray, it costs £160 new, but i traded my old bass in , getting it for £100. id been playing bass for about a year and wanted to buy a good second bass.

its very easy to play, good action, and good quality build for a squier. sound all round except for a few minor flaws below. i play mainly punk rock such as blink 182 and its great for that, but even metallica songs sound good on it.

there isnt a wide tonal range, bassicaly you've got all tone or no tone, no real mid range. however if you get a decent amp you can make this baby sound good.

really good quality for a squier, ive had it for a year now and no problems, apart from the input nut comming lose, but thats easily fixed. hopefully last me for years to come!

overall a quality instrument, ill keep it as a back up bass when i get my Epiphone T-bird. if your just starting out on bass or are reasonably experienced on a budject, i say get this bass!!

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Squier Standard P-Bass Special (Squier - Black and Chrome Standard Precision Bass)

By MGR/Philip Avakian, 09/08/2004
I read reviews of this bass here at
and bought it at for 250€.

I love this bass because it's easy to play, the great sound, just everything.
A nice Jazz bass neck allows you to play easily,
and with the J-Bass and P-Bass pickups you can have almost any tone you wish.
Turn up the J-pickup and play some funky jazz,
or go Rock and Punk and turn up the P-Bass pickup...
The Tone control lets you get a thumpy, soft sound, or a rocky hard sound.
It doesn't way too much, and it's built great. i've smacked it against the wall a couple times (by accident): not a scratch.

The output jack is kinda loose, so every five days i gotta turn it a little bit so its tight again.

it is built to last. As I said, easy to play, sounds great and has a great look too!

I can only recommend this bass to anyone, if you start, or if you are just looking for a Bass to rock with.

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Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass (Squier - Vintage Modified Precision Bass)

By MGR/Mart van Eijk, 07/05/2008
I play the bass since I was 14, it was my first instrument. Now I'm 52 and since a few years I started to play again. I play in a coverband and in a schoolband. I like all different kinds of music, but soul and R&B are my favourites.

I bought the guitar new in a musicstore and paid 300 euro. I read about the Squier Vintage Modified series in a guitarmagazine.

Everything! This instrument looks good, sounds great with the Duncan Designed pick-ups en plays smooth. Being vintage myself I can ashure you it sounds like a '60 Fender Precision. The neck feels great and the construction seems built to last. No sharp fretends, stains or cheap materials used.

It's delivered without the chrome covers. I bought these myself as well as a thumbrest and a tortoise shell pickguard. Now it looks even more vintage. The action was a bit high, but in the store they adapted that. In fact no problem, because these alterations are very personal.

As I said: the construction is very well and the quality of the used materials is good. The intonation was perfect en the neck was straight.

For this price you better think twice not to buy this Squier. The sound fits good in the bandmix, the bass plays very smooth and it looks good. No wonder the readers of the magazine BassPlayer choosed this Vintage Modified serie as best buy of 2007.

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Squier Vintage Modified Precision TB (Squier - Vintage Modified Precision Bass TB)

By MGR/Billy, 21/05/2011
This is the Vintage Modified Precision TB bass put out by Squier. This is not to be confused with the regular Vintage Modified Precision as I believe the TB stands for Telecaster Bass. You will immediately be able to tell by the looks as the headstock is shaped like a Tele and there is only one fat humbucker in the neck pickup.

It happens all the time you go in for strings and come out with a guitar. Sometimes you even forget to get the strings you came for! This bass was brand new on Christmas Eve. $299 You're darn right I told the Mrs. Santa brought it for me! Since the vintage Fender version of these are going up and up in price this is a nice compromise.

The string through body. Something about string throughs just give you an extra bit of sustain. The body contour is nice as I don't believe the vintage ones had this, but it makes the bass a little bit lighter and closer to you.

The 2 saddle bridge is correct for that era, but this is something the could have left out. Each string deserves its own saddle. Currently the bass has nice action and intonates well.

Ash veneer is what gives the bass its looks. The body is a nice sunburst finish and the neck is a smooth semi gloss stain finish.

The hardware is your typical cheaper instrument hardware, but if functions well.

This bass thumps! Throw on some flatwound strings, roll back the tone knob and get that warm, fat bass tone you grew up listening to. Squier is making guitars better than ever these days at an affordable price.

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Squier Classic Vibe Precision Bass 60s

Published on 06/30/08
After the '50s, the '60s: Squier presents the Classic Vibe Precision Bass, an electric bass aimed at delivering the true Precision Bass experience.

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