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Squier Stagemaster

Squier Stagemaster HH

User reviews on Squier Stagemaster products

Trash (Squier - Stagemaster HSS)

By iamqman, 12/08/2011
This is the kind of guitar that mom or dad would buy their kid who's looking to get into playing the electric guitar. This is not a professionals guitar and it certainly is not a high quality built guitar. This is a Squire guitar which is a off brand of the Fender music company and the body shape is pretty much a standard fender Stratocaster body shape. It has a reverse headstock which looks like you would see on most strat headstocks or on the guitars that Jimi Hendrix used to play. It has a humbucker and two single coil pickups and a tremolo bridge. It is a basic guitar that is a basic price for the beginning guitar player.


This Squire stage master was built for the high gain metal player in mind. This is still a beginner guitar but it would appeal more towards the rock interested guitar player or the metal guitar player. It's an all black guitar body with a Rosewood fretboard. You get a volume control any tone control knob and one pick up selector and that's about it. Not much else is necessary with this guitar.


The tone of these guitars are pretty much trash. The pickups sound like garbage and the woods sounds like garbage. You can't really expect this thing to sound like a high quality super Stratocaster or a Gibson guitar. The price of these guitars were marketed towards the person who was still figuring out whether or not they even wanted to play the electric guitar. This is an easy guitar to dial in and there's not really much to you have to worry about.

There is one control for the volume and one control for the tone. It is what it is and it can't do anything more than that. This guitar sounds like it sounds with any amp you put it through. It's not going to sound great through Marshall amp or a Fender amp but it really is just a deciding guitar to learn on order practice your basic guitar chops. For the price it is, it does a fine job at what it does.


I don't think that squire is selling these guitars new anymore so I believe the only way to get wanted in the used market. You can find these in the classifieds and on eBay quite easily. I've seen them go for under $200 used and in pretty good condition. That is a little bit more than the standard Squires Stratocaster but this one has the humbucker rather than the single coil in the bridge position. I would only recommend this guitar to someone who is still learning to play the guitar or discovering their new hidden talents.

Squier Stagemaster-7 (Squier - Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR)

By MGR/Kev, 11/04/2004
I got this axe in the UK (most convenient for me as I am a UK resident) in Wycombe. A little shop called Percy Priors that do mostly Ibanez, ESP and BC Rich. I got it brand new for £99. I got it because I was looking to buy a seven string guitar to give me more notes to play around with when writing new songs.

Pickups - Two humbucking pickups, which for stock pickups have really nice tone and really hot output with almost no noise. I merely have to touch the string to get a screaming pinch harmonic.

Neck - The neck is wider than normal (obviously) but isn't very deep. It's nice and shallow which I like very much. I find it comfortable.

Headstock - Good quality machineheads. I think the reverse headstock looks damn cool.

Keeps tuning well. Had to adjust intonation a bit, action is about right.

No tremolo bridge and only a three way selector, but the pickups can be easily done.

It stays in tune well, feels like a lot of care and attention was put into it. Its not fragile. Sound great for the price.

I love it to bits. I don't know if i'll buy another guitar, i'll just change machine heads and pickups and change the wiring. The woodwork is amazing

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nebs's review (Squier - Stagemaster Deluxe HSH)

By nebs, 07/04/2010
I do not really agree with the opinion prcdent about the weight of the guitar. In fact I do not find it so heavy ... It weighs its weight, it's true but nothing do with Paul Standard ...
My godfather just offer me, he bought $ 1,100 in the US. No idea how much this is in euros. Mine is black sequined kind starry sky super beautiful short.

For the rest, it is the top home Squier, not much envy the made in USA. Especially the guitar is finished assembles Corona, California (up Fender USA pickups, electronics USA vrification each individual guitar).

assembled by hand in the custom shop Coren Squier then sent Corona for electronic part
Neck-through conductor 24 boxes to virtuosos
Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearl real repres
Mahogany body class "AA"
Fender Micro USA
5-way switch
Floyd Rose licensed holding very well shaking.

The finish is Suprieure that of my strat US which simply an alder body and a handle screwed.
Honestly you'd think a PRS USA as the finish is nothing to do with quality LTD.

I put 10/10 as compared to the guitars that I possd (thirty) is the most beautiful and better finished.


The handle looks a lot like my Musicman Luke, it's really very close and that's good. There is no music chappe this round, we might as well play riffs solos, Mtal of death and blues.
The shape is that of a Strat plus chancr therefore direct access to 24 cases without soui. The guitar is indeed heavier than a strat US but nothing do with Gibson Les Paul Standard as the saying prcdent opinion ...
For sounds, the palette is huge and we made it very quickly.


It is a true Rock guitar, as saying that it is made for overdrive and saturs sounds.
For clear sounds, I prefer my Start US, the microphones of Masterbuilt are far too powerful and stout, very typ Gibson and I hate big clean sound. Well it is true that it is better that defends ESP clear right channel but we feel that it is made of wood to send!

In overdrive and saturation, the guitar really sends the ball! It is killing the chainsaw. Microphones retains some warm decor and very good definition of the same notes ultra saturs.
Position 3 that connects all microphones same time sends the BIGGEST SOUND I've ever heard. What do my plir Jackson RR 24 and EMG 81.
The neck pickup is standard, you get angry with the whole neighborhood!
The micro acute it is the same and more aggressive, ideal for shredders.

Personally I find that I do not deserves this guitar. I do not have enough technique to exploit the full potential. This is a guitar for the guys who plays Steve Vai or Satriani, too slow with my game I run only 10% of the potential of the guitar ...


She just offered m'tre, maybe I'll keep it and try to move forward to exploit the potential of this ultimate weapon ... but with my little technique I tell myself that it's gchis to have such an assault rifle without knowing shoot.
A very large guitar, guitars supreure worth 3 times its price. But I think she deserves a very good guitarist, which is far from being me.
But hey, she's beautiful, she's rare, it sounds great so far 10/10

spinko's review (Squier - Stagemaster Deluxe HSH)

By spinko, 06/04/2010
A guitar that would not deny Jimi Hendrix. For 750 euros, it offers maximum:

- Manufactured in the Custom Shop Squier Coren, assembles the hand (crafted) and the USA vrife o Corona is mounted the electronic (microphones, knobs and .. . )dropoff window
- And neck-through driver to sustain a standard
- 24 key Indian rosewood boxes (lighter than rosewood of range)
- Mahogany body slectionnbr /> - varnish mtallis slightly pailletbr /> - Tte reverse
- Micro Fender USA Alnico V, 2 double and 1 single Wide Range
- 5-way switch
- Floyd Rose licensed.

This is the high end of the Squier brand that easily knocks my Start New American Standard and my Gisbon Lespaul Studio.
In fact, this guitar is a stratovolcano Mix and Gibson, so I quite practical for use on stage.
I want rpter the manufacturing quality is worthy of a guitar 2500 euros ... easy
She did not even with the Squier manufactures in China or Indonesia course.


The handle is not flat like a Ibanez but it is yet fast extrment for solos furious. For the blues, it presents a good curve.
Ergonomics is at the top, is very easy to desti- nations most recently accde boxes.
As against the weight is very consquant. Result of a high-end violin "all mahogany" The guitar weighs the weight of my les paul or more. But that's the price to pay for a driver sleeve ...
Personally I do not like lightweight guitars "Wooden crate" so I do not complain of this weight.
All the sounds produced are extremely compelling.


Dj without plugging the sound is beautiful and balanced.

1) On the clean channel:
- The neck pickup sends a very big sound very heavy and powerful fawn Gibson Lespaul (and more powerful)
- Positions 2,3 and 4 are typical Fender Stratocaster is the same as a US, ie slamming and crystalline.
- The bridge pickup is very powerful and very Charpent grain.

This is the ideal guitar for blues Fawn Gibson or Fender. Make your choice ...

2) Satur channel:
The neck pickup is standard, the Les Paul Studio is ridicules, really.
The bridge pickup is the rare kind, power is standard for killer riffs or solos series shredders is madness.
This is the most "mchante" guitar I possd. Sustain lasts for hours, the microphones are striking.

Brief for the sound, you can have it all, simply rgler your amp. You can play the ZZ Top, the Satriani, Van Halen, or conversely David Gilmour or Knofler. The guitar can do everything brilliantly.


The only limitations of this guitar are your fingers. It was under the hands both Gibson, Fender very good and ESP. Everything for just over 700 euros.
Fender can not get out too typ Gibson guitar in violin under his own name. It has therefore as the Squier.
This Deluxe Stagemaster to its name: master of the scene!
Basically you have a Jackson Soloist 3000 euros for just 700 euros.
Enter a case but the guitar is anyone in France than Dropper (only feature the American market) ...