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SSL X-Desk Review

SSL X-Desk: Art for All? 2009 was a year of changes and Solid State Logic got it perfectly. More than ever, the British manufacturer wanted to perpetuate its leading position in the professional analog mixer market launching a new product, the most refined of all: the X-Desk, a compact, 16-channel, analog line mixer developed for project studios. This human-sized mixer aroused our curiosity... read more…

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By marc tessi, 04/01/2016

I owned this mixing console for 3 years.
It was interesting to have and learn to use such a hardware.
I personally consider it to be for knowledgeable and experienced users only, as it's not that easy to use at first and it took me a long while to learn the basis.
Granted, I'm not a veteran sound engineer but rather the self-taught kind.
Yet... even experienced sound engineers who came at home made me the same remark.

With this review, I just want to warn everyone who would consider buying this mixer.
I consider this mixing desk as a beautiful, very efficient and advanced control surface, with high-quality analog summing, yet quite pricey... Do not forget that this device's channels include no preamp, equalizer or compressor, so keep in mind the additional cost this lack involves...
And, don't forget the price of cables...
So keep it all in mind before building your system around it, so as to determine if it suits your needs, workflow and what you can afford.

As far as I'm concerned, if I were to do it again, I would choose an analog console with preamps, EQs... Plus, I'd get additional preamps, compressors and other gears.

Pro audio processing at home (4000G)

By Kilowax, 07/12/2014
Say what ?! It is a luxury and a pleasure to have a "piece" of this legendary console at home!

I use it mainly for recording (Pro Tools) before attacking my sound card (one of Orpheus Prismsound). The difference is immediately heard, especially as the quality of the sound card is excellent. I am appealing to a sound engineer to prepare some "presets" around which I honed my settings over time. Because it takes time to adapt to unless they have already worked on consoles where models are from these groups. However, mastery comes quickly (practicing). Immediately means treatment on her and as soon as you turn the knobs!

I mainly use an Akai MPC from home for my drums / samples, various synthesizers but also bass and electric guitar. I spend all my instruments by SSL.
For voice, I tend to attack with something finer, gender NEVE ... But it's a matter of taste and SSL do very well work.

The preamp / EQ / Compressors and filters are of very good quality, sound SSL 100% analog. Very high dynamic and some that you have a sound card with good converters ...
I have nothing saved without since!

I do not see what compare these slices so IS THE SON SSL !!!
A danger still, blame others! In fact, have at least 6 slices would be happiness, but the addition would be very salty! Especially since my goal is to have the cleanest possible instruments taken and then go in the studio mix (on a SSL 4000 G for that matter)! And so I do not want to do everything at home, even if I have very good plugs (including SSL and API LEXICON) Pro Tools.

Another downside more "serious", the two channels are not linké, let me explain. These are two separate tranches, it therefore can not apply a perfect stereo setting. By using his ears we can apply it to a mix, but with caution and know-how.

In the end, two good slices to put a key, a sound level and undeniable to any professional recording project even mix and while staying at home.

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[AES] SSL ‘Beta’ 500 module development kit

Published on 11/01/15
SSL has announced the introduction of βeta, a unique 500 format module Hardware Development Kit.

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