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User reviews on Stand & Rack products

moosers's review (Seventh Circle Audio - CH01)

By moosers, 20/12/2011
The Seventh Circle Audio CH01 is the chassis that you will need in order to case your Seventh Circle Audio build your own mic preamps. The CH01 will house up to 8 modules from Seventh Circle Audio. This will only be compatible with Seventh Circle Audio modules as I don’t believe any other company makes modules for it. While it’s a bit of a commitment to get this chassis and the power supply and wire harness that you will also need to buy with it, it’s totally worth it in the end because you’re getting a fully customizable rack. It’s also a really nice and clean design that makes it as easy as possible to build. You can choose from a variety of different preamp modules from Seventh Circle that includes Neve, Millennia, and API clones. While they mostly have preamps, they also do have a compressor module and you can choose to buy them pre-assembled if you don’t want to put them together yourself although you can save even more money by doing so. Even if you don’t it’s still quite cheap to buy the already made modules. The chassis will take up two rack spaces and I believe it has XLR connections in the back for each of the 8 spaces. The only small bummer is that it doesn’t have any meters for the preamps but you can’t expect the world here. The CH01 chassis is cheap enough on it’s own and in the end even with all of the modules you’re not going to be spending a lot of money, especially when compared to what it would cost if you went with a 500 series rack system instead. While it takes a bit more effort and time, the trade off is worth it with the Seventh Circle Audio CH01 system if you’re interested in saving a boat load of money and getting some top quality preamps of all different types.

Usable for laptops/percussion on stage (Ikea - DAVE Laptop Table)

By JeffTadashi, 22/07/2012
The Ikea Dave Laptop Table is a small, inexpensive table that you can use for a laptop or other small devices. I purchased thus unit with the intention of holding my laptop on stage, as part of my digital piano, synthesizer rig. It is one of the cheapest options you can find for a laptop table or stand (at $20), but it is far from ideal.

The base legs of the Dave unit are very large, and although they provide great tilt support, they are often in the way of other equipment, such as the stand of my digital piano. They are simple plastic as well, so they don't seem as road-durable as other, more professional equipment. But in a pinch, they can certainly work. The tabletop itself can be adjusted so that it's tilted, but the plastic surface is too smooth to safely hold any equipment on an angle; at least I wouldn't be confident with that angle. That is fine and all, since you can just set it to be perfectly level, but the latch and lock that controls this tilt is a bit unusual, and as a result, the tabletop is never totally stabilized, and it always is a bit wobbly. This can be a problem if you are pressing buttons on your device with pressure, such as a drum pad controller. So again, it is just not an ideal stand for everything.

The top surface is nice and large, and can certainly hold any sized laptop, and I've used it around my studio just to hold random equipment, and for that, it's great. Don't expect it to hold anything too heavy, because it can wobble, and the height lock is not totally secure (it's just a screw rubbing tight against the flat metal top piece). But for lighter equipment, it's great.

Overall, it's hard to recommend this stand, as it can be problematic, but it can be useful as well, especially for it's price. It only does what it looks like it can do.

Finally someone thought ahead!!! (SKB - VS-1)

By racerevlon, 15/10/2012
SKB finally did something that very few people in the music industry do; they thought ahead. It's common practice among gigging guitar players with medium-to-complex rigs to not only have rack effects but to also use pedals, shelves, drawers, and switching units to allow them to perform much in the way rack effects and rack gear work.

Thus, most players, either doing it themselves or having a professional do it for them, put together a rack shelf or rack drawer to which they affix and wire up different pedals to integrate into their live sound setup. Many times, this involves putting one side of some industrial velcro on a stationary or sliding rack drawer on one side and putting the other side of the velcro on the pedal(s).

SKB has taken the guesswork out of the task by creating a rack shelf that has one side of the velcro already covering the bottom of the shelf. This leaves only half of the work to be done (adding the velcro to the bottom of the pedal(s) and positioning them on the shelf. This is a brilliant time-saving idea and also allows you to re-position pedals at will without having remains of old adhesive "gunking up" the surface of your rack shelf. Better still, with strategic placement of velcro-backed zip-tie retainers, you can route and re-route cables your cables over and over making the shelf outstanding for anyone with a dynamic environment.

The shelf latches into the rack and does not come out the front without the flipping of a releasing latch, so your pedals are secured into the rack by the shelf latch and onto the shelf by the high-quality velcro. For the price paid, the velcro covering on the shelf alone saves sufficient time and effort to justify the cost of the shelf. It comes with all of the mounting hardware needed to fit it snugly into 2U of any standard 19" rack. If you're sick of sticky tape and messy pedal boards, the SKB VS1 is the prescription for what ails you. This product could have been a ten, however the shelf is mid-grade plastic and could be more solidly-built.

I have a competitive sliding rack shelf that neither locks nor is velcro-coated. This is a much better option in my opinion. Try it for yourself.

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