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User Review

Stay away. Frankly. - Reviews Millenium BS-500 SET

I do not understand the positive reviews on this product. For once I regret my purchase and they leave right away to the sender.

Be clear and honest, it's fun equipment.
The trays are not rights at all. (See photo) Normal, the hole for the screw is not centered in the case of bending at the center of the plates. So you either have speakers that lean or they are directed to the floor / ceiling. Too well. Not to mention the impact on the stability of thing.

Stability, talk is relative. Flicking enough to overthrow all even if the height is at a minimum. I can not imagine if we want to perch his pregnant 1.80m. Both fit on a wire in balance, it will come back to the same.

Another detail: the screw at the junction of the two tubes of one of the feet runs idle. Just because he did not think a system to tighten the nut behind. May Day.

It's ultra cheap material, poorly done, poorly thought out. End of story. Its low cost does not excuse such construction defects.

Save yourself that and do not take into account the views "positive" you can read about this here and on Thoman ...