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User Review

Soul supplement - Reviews EVH Striped

Features: Please see on the net.
Note that the screws that hold the locking nut may be too long and should be shortened so that the "lock" can be done effectively.
Operation to have it done by the dealer, who certainly knows bp.


Channel truly successful, rather flat, but there is enough wood to not fall into the cliché of the handle base Shredder.
Lightness of the beast significant and proven ergonomics.


If found instantly and in a rather convincing (see disturbing) the sound of Eddie, the micro side naturally has a "Dark" which may displease some (and please others ... obviously).
A try on his own stuff so to get an idea.


Violin level, this guitar is fun, it is alive and well!
Must buy it for what it is:
a mythical model can greatly facilitate your job to take out the "brown sound" while offering superior playability ... not expect it offers a traditional Strat sound, it is no longer really.