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Hufschmid Guitars H6 'Winter' - Reviews Hufschmid Guitars H6 'Winter'

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
After receiving my first H6 and getting to know it over the last several months, I've become confident that Hufschmid Guitars are absolutely the perfect instruments for me in both form and function. In light of that, I made the decision to commission a second build from Patrick, and after some deliberation decided on another H6. Since I've already done a review on my first H6, I'm going to try to focus on detailing the contrasting features between the two, but suffice to say that it's equally as awesome and inspiring an instrument as the first in feel, sound, looks, attention to detail, etc.

I wanted the new build to sharply contrast the warm colors of my H6 Koa, winter colors versus autumn colors in a sense. Patrick had the awesome idea to build a sister guitar to his 18th Anniversary guitar; the flame maple top on mine is cut from the same tree, in fact. It also showcases Patrick's original pickup design which features a faux-flame maple grain/texture and complements the top wonderfully.

The instrument possesses black hardware, all awesome Hipshot hardware I should add, some very cool ribbed knobs which I believe may be Hipshot as well, and a set of the highest quality pickup rings I've ever seen on a guitar(no cheap plastic). The addition of barrel-style buttons to the tuners adds a unique and industrial look and complements the open-gear machines well. I should mention that the guitar also comes with matching straplocks, too.

The wiring is a work of art, Patrick really goes above and beyond in every aspect and the control cavity is no different; the blue carbon fiber material overlaid on the copper shielding gives an extremely cool, futuristic but simultaneously elegant look. The control layout is simple and straightforward with volume, tone, and 3 way switch, and thanks to the resin-cast design of the pickups allows extremely responsive control without any of the tonal loss typical to most pickups as output is reduced.

Featured on this build are two very cool new materials that Patrick has just recently began working with: Red Huftron and Aqua Blue Hufglow.

-The Red Huftron nut is extremely durable, self-lubricating, and sounds fantastic; it also looks really cool and unique I think, not every day you see a red nut on a guitar. Between the Huftron and the Griplock tuners, this guitar is absolutely rock solid and doesn't go out of tune no matter how wild you get with huge string bends or high-energy playing.

-The Aqua Blue Hufglow inlays look absolutely sick, plain and simple. The blue glow is very strong and adds a very interesting and unique look to the instrument, quite classy but also futuristic like I said previously. They complement the stain of the top beautifully.

Just as with the previous H6, Patrick carved the neck and voiced the pickups specifically to my needs and tastes, and the guitar absolutely reflects that; it feels perfectly natural and fits me like a well-tailored suit, with all the little details and custom appointments befitting a handmade instrument. It's truly spoiled me having both the perfect neck and the perfect pickups for my hands and ears. No matter if I wish to play blues or classic rock or jazz or death metal, this guitar handles it all with flying colors.

The wood selection is straightforward, Sapelli for the body and neck(one piece rift-sawn timber, the most stable instruments I've ever owned for sure thanks to that), ebony fingerboard, and a flame maple top stained with Patrick's beautiful dark 'Helldunkel' stain. The guitar is perfectly balanced and quite light at 6.4 lbs, and you can really feel the entire instrument resonate as you play it; it really feels alive, like the notes just want to jump out.

The fretwork is yet another awesome highlight on the instrument; jumbo nickel frets(my favorites), treated to an absolutely world-class fret job that makes playing feel effortless and allows it to achieve a really incredibly low action without buzz or sustain loss. The guitar arrived with a phenomenal setup after a trip halfway across the world to me, which is a testament to the stability of the instrument.

Every route is clean, every joint is seamless, it's truly remarkable just how perfect of an instrument it is to have been made by hand. The neck joint is better fitted than many machine-made high-end instruments I've owned in the past, very impressive indeed.

Working with Patrick on this build was another extremely fun experience, his communication is excellent and it's very cool watching the guitar come together step-by-step; I'd very often receive several pictures and updates in the same day. He really goes the extra mile with high-quality photos, Patrick is an equally excellent photographer and his pics of his instruments are just as beautiful as the instruments themselves.

I feel truly lucky to have the chance to own and care for such fine works of craftsmanship, and have no doubt in my mind that I'll cherish them for the rest of my life. With Patrick's guitars I feel like I've found my soulmate instruments; any time I pick up one of my Hufschmids I feel more comfortable and natural than any other guitar I've owned(even ones I've had since I started playing), and that's really something special for me. Thanks so much for creating these amazing works of art, Patrick :) I love them more than words can do justice to express.
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