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User Review

Hufschmid Guitars Helldunkel model 6 string : Hufschmid Helldunkel Strat Inspired 6 String

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This is the second guitar I had custom built for me by Patrick Hufschmid, the luthier and artisan from Aigle, Switzerland. Patrick proves that old world craftsmanship and top quality are alive and well... AMAZINGLY THEY ARE ENTIRELY HAND CRAFTED, NO CNC MACHINES ARE USED TO MAKE THESE! After I received my first Hufschmid guitar, I played it extensively. I HAD many other guitars of various brands, but I always gravitated to my Hufschmid. I realized that was because the Hufschmid guitar had a playability and feel, and a sound, that I couldn't match with any other guitar I owned. I decided I wanted another. Patrick and I spoke and it was decided that he would hand build a strat inspired guitar, with the Hufschmid signature appointments. I absolutely loved the look of my Tantalum, which is made of Sapele mahogany, one of the Hufschmid signatures, so this too would be Sapele. The look, feel and most importantly the SOUND of this wood is incredible. When I received the guitar, it too, like my 1st Hufschmid, was INCREDIBLY RESONANT. It sustains for an exceptionally long time and the entire guitar vibrates like nothing else when you play it. The neck shape, like my first Hufschmid, is perfectly comfortable in my hand... I find this to be amazing as Patrick HAND CARVES each neck according to a picture of the players hand, and his fretwork is meticulous. The craftsmanship is flawless. Patrick designed an amazingly unobtrusive neck heel, and this guitar is incredibly comfortable in every aspect. The specifications are as follows:
One piece premium perfectly quartersawn Sapele mahogany neck and body, FSC certified
Premium FSC certified West African ebony fretboard, 24 frets
25.5" scale, 12" radius
Exclusive Hufschmied "Blue Nut"
Hipshot hardware
Dunlop 500K sealed Super Pots
NOS Russian FT-2 Teflon Capacitor
Glow in the dark side dots
Made to measure Hufschmid pickups, Dark flame maple texture with the script "H " logo
Golden cast headstock " wax seal"
Antique nickel finish Hufschmid Logo coin on the rear of the body
Hufschmid "3D Kevlar" control cavity design
15 coats of hand applied oil based varnish
Clear aerospace grade cell cast cross-linked acrylic control cavity cover, recessed
As I said, this is my second build from Patrick Hufschmid and I am ONCE AGAIN BLOWN AWAY. This guitar is incredible and surpassed my every expectation. Patrick managed to create yet another guitar, that is to me, PERFECT. I no longer want to play anything else and my collection of guitars is being sold off. If you are looking to own a guitar that is unique and innovative, one that sounds incredible and feels effortless to play, request a build slot from Patrick Hufschmid. I am a professional guitar tech and a player of 40 years, Hufschmid guitars are the best I've ever seen.
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