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User Review

Correct 10 years ago, to avoid now - Reviews Ibanez EDR470

Guitar made in Korea.
Its shape is inspired by the JS series and configuration of microphones is that of RG (such as RG470 with which I was very hesitant at the time).
The composite body (luthite) gave an original side (or futuristic) but a posteriori does not bring anything to the sound or the stability of the guitar.
The handle is not too late.
It has 22 frets, two humbuckers and a single tone and volume, a 5-way switching and a Floyd Rose vibrato.
The stainless acastillage a little more than cheap black acastillage the RG 470 at the time ...


The handle is quite nice: end for speed but not too much.
Ergonomics are good, the correct weight.
Where it hurts the bottom adjustment and maintenance agreement: as any floating tremolo (Floyd Rose) must spend time to grant and regulate the spring tension The problem is that (unlike promised that the body luthite) it is easily Disagree with changes in temperature, are the rehearsals soon became an inferno (tuning arriving 15 minutes then 5 minutes every 20 minutes).
The day I wanted to change the drawing, I bit my fingers ...
So much so that I ended up blocking the Floyd Rose (with a cork ..) to use as a fixed bridge and I left on the shelf for a while.
Two years ago, I took the time to make a full adjustment (curvature of the neck, action, vibrato), and since I find it more enjoyable to play and a little less unstable.
Making jack tends to "loosen" and plugs for the strap have been glued / screwed back several times. Other than that it has aged rather well ...


The sound is correct with the original pickups, the combination humbucker, single coil, humbucker sound pallette allows a variety of choices for all play some styles (rock, pop, metal, funk, ...).
This guitar is quite versatile and can even daring acrobatic solos (handle end + Floyd Rose), for cons do not even consider a change of tuning between songs.
The pickups and bridge are just good sound without the neck pickup I like more, making me think disto a kind of intermediary between a double and a single (to try to understand).
The guitar sounds naturally a little sharp (due to the luthite?) And equalization needs to be adjusted accordingly.
The volume curve is not well adjusted to allow easy passage of a crunch to distortion by playing with the knob.


I cracked on this guitar for its looks and sounds inspired by JS oriented RG.
I was hooked at the beginning and have shunned in recent years because of difficulties tuning (thank you the Floyd Rose) and its lack of stability then I re-set two years ago and since then I take back taste ...
If I had the choice again today, I turn towards a newer model with a floating tremolo that would allow a better tuning and adjustment easier ...
I think in retrospect that one can find a much better guitar for the same price and that the body does not luthite much to the guitar (this material has also disappeared from the range Ibanez ...).