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User Review

SlapKid's review - Ibanez EXR170

Value For Money : Excellent
Indonesia 2005-6, wilkinson bridge type is set or no vibration noise, please stick wizard 3 rooms, 22 jumbo frets, MSM (Infinity 3.4, S), asymmetric body (thicker at the bottom than top, top comfort) and all rounded, jack super convenient. Stem simply plugs vibrato, and adjust the hardness with a small allen screw, great.
I installed the mechanical locking (Gotoh) and the tremolo works very well use melodic (for jumping in with both feet over taking a lo-pro edge 3 ...).

The level of equipment (Infinity 3et4 NECK 3parties) is a good class above the price of this guitar in the hierarchy Ibanez. Top case then.


This handle is perfect for me, royal (I'm from the classical V-fender so it gives me hives!). Access to acute is phenomenal (rounded heel, rounded body, cutting deep ... round) but unlike the previous tester I am happy not to have 24 boxes (when I lose my bearings).
The weight is normal, not as a sword ultralight.
The ergonomics are almost perfect for me (just moved the volume knob).
For audio microphones are very good, the wiring of the switch that does not suit me so I amended as follows: double neck / single handle or double handle double-acute / single handle Single-Acute / Acute double.
It's much better and less redundant and the sound is more honest, more consistent too.


Cable in my hand (no middle pickup so) I do not see anything to criticize, these pickups are very good holding, well defined and accurate punchers but hot at the same time. Special mention for the neck pickup split is very organic to the srv example, delicious.

The mic has a nice sharp aggression, it goes very well with a large distortion, I find it rather warm and precise.

With the original standard wiring is too thin not very clear, it's a shame because the potential is enormous. For the switch I use for my non-standard cabling is 11 euros (Eyb el-007), very cheap for services rendered.
Mikes super short on a good violin original outfit.

I forgot: high-volume group no worries of feedback or hum, thank you Ibanez.


The frets are well polishées, although asked to upgrade, but a little scratching on the edges anyway. The saddle did not put all the strings at the same height, and holds 011-052. So a bit of work to provide for everything to be perfect, it is common and even a tele to 3000 euros wonder what kind of work so do not rouspètons.

Fabulous guitar for me, very successful and has proven reliable (4 years or so) in all situations.

One regret it is no longer produced since 2-3 years, I have the black sequined and I want the silver! Nothing really very serious ...