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Ibanez GRX 170 - Reviews Ibanez GRX170

I baught this from the academy of sound in leicester for £190 english with a gig bag.

I love this guitar, i havent had it too long but from how long iv had it iv found NO faults or anything i really dislike. I love the way the bridge (tremolo) can be used like a whammy bar + with a whammy bar the strings actually come off the neck. The finish on it is fantastic, i have mine in a shiny blue colour, i also like the way that mine has different inlays to the normal ones (its a sort ov triange) I love the pickups (there are 5 by the way) and feel of the neck, i LOVE this guitar!!!!


Perfect, not a fault. every thing is honky dorey. (go on for specs)

If anyone is considering a new guitar, get this one, at only about £180 its a complite bargin. my friend has a gibson les paul and envys my ibanez! absoloutly brilliant.
Just read the other views to tell im not the only one who thinks its this good, they all gave it 5/5!

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