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User Review

Ibanez GRX170 - Reviews Ibanez GRX170

I Bought this guitar from a local shop in portsmouth,I got it because i herd it was a very good heavy rock guitar to start with, it cost £130, which is good cos it retais around £150.

I lke the balance between the body and neck, it provides flexibility whn playing.
As with most ibanez guitars the factory set up is very good. The guitar is well known for the amount of tones accessble for this price. The sound you get on distortion is mental!! It keeps you in your room for a good few hours the first time you plug it in.

The only bad thing is that you occasonaly get fret buzz, but other than that its perfectly fine.

The constuction of the unit is very good, ive dropped it on a hard wood surface before and all that happened is it came out of tune and got a couple of scratches, the balance is very good, set up and value is exccelent, stays in tune too.

Overall it is a great sounding, sturdy unit,with a good set up great balance and is a superb choice for beginner to intermediate skill and has great bang-for-the-buck ratio. So what are you waiting for...Go buy it!!

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