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User Review

Yuck! - Reviews Ibanez GRX40

I would first like to clarify that it is a friend who lent me while my Cort Aero 11 going under the knife (affixing EMG 81 and 60, pulling change, adjustment, etc..).
Made in China, 22 frets, rosewood fingerboard markers plastoc points, such strat tremolo (I have not tried it), a double bridge (single microphone used), 2 singles (and a mid and neck), 1 tone 1 volume , 5-way switch, bolt on neck (heel absolutely huge), Ibanez MECAS rotten.
Scale 25.5 "(by eye), enough radius curve.
Special mention for bindings that hold buttons not (but not at all), the plate cavity concealed springs attached to the wood (!), And sizzling jack ...


The neck is okay, but nothing more ... I find it less pleasant than my qje Cort, and the fingerboard's radius is too large for my taste. The body is too thick, cut the stomach is useless, the chamfer for the arm, however, is quite comfortable. Access to acute ED-PLO-ment: not possible to slam
a solo beyond the 17th (even with my giant palluches), the fault of that heel that is more of a cinderblock that the junction body / sleeve ...
You do not get hardly any good sounds ...


The sounds are ... Pathetic ... The distortion has no fishing is screaming (with the breath!) On the micro bridge, on the other mics you sound like a synth, it's so messy and empty ... Harmonics do not leave, even while fucking my best vibrato and the gain on the bottom (on a simulation of Correct, it's a bit a shame ...) Ultimately, the only setting I found that drinking c ' is a clean bass and embellished in the mids down, played with the bridge, we obtain almost crystalline arpeggios and not too bad (especially with a small chorus, we fall into the Sanitarium by Metallica).


I borrowed for 1 week. I hate everything about this guitar, Cort strongly that my back, adorned with beautiful EMG :) I guess the q / p is correct, it is worth € 150 on eBay, but for that price you should find what meiux ...