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User Review

A good guitar for beginners - Reviews Ibanez GRX70

Guitar made in Indonesia.
Rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets
3 pickups (double neck and bridge position, single center position).
Bridge with vibrato.
A knob Potar volume and tone control, 5 position selector microphone.
Mechanical standard (no oil bath)


The handle is perfect for beginners, especially for small hands to finesse. Body shape is nice. Access to Acute is correct, however, it is difficult to make the guitar sound beyond the 15th fret.

Ergonomics are good and the finish is correct for the price.

His side, I used mostly the middle position, the most balanced. After that, it is not particularly transcendent.


At the tone, clearly, the pickups lack of definition of punch. Nevertheless, for a beginner, it's still totally usable.

I played a lot on a fender chorus priceton (2x25W amp transistor). In its clear it was not too bad, with distortion, it was not possible to have a good sound. Then, it can still be misled.

When I went on a Fender Super Champ XD, I had already changed scratches. I tried quickly the grx-70 history to see how it sounded and there is no miracle, it's still pretty sluggish.

It was a time in micro gibson (498T) (a friend who was hanging out in a bottom drawer). A little better but not yet good and that's where we see that the wood also limit the skyscraper.


I sold it to a beginner, being spent on models a little more upscale, it did the comparison at all. I still played for eight years and with pleasure.

I bought it on the net in blind pack and I was pretty satisfied with my purchase (except the amp Peavy really rotten). I had the opportunity to test some guitars equivalent range of buddies and I feel that its handle was superior to other guitars.

+ Ease of handling
+ Handle very pleasant except in acute
+ Nice look
- Does not agree (catastrophic when vibrato is used)
- Microphones sluggish
- Poor quality hardware (I had to change the jack and took the knobs of the game)

Side money, bought 2300E (yes) in a pack. It was OK for the time. If I was a beginner, I would do this choice, but I would take only version (without pack).