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User Review

Ibanez GRX 70 - Reviews Ibanez GRX70

I bought this guitar as my second electric, upgrading from a poor les paul copy. I payed £180 for it from nevada my local music shop.

I have to say i do really the thin necks as there easy for small hands to get around. Also it is very light making it easy to play. As a begginner this guitar is great and has a pretty good sound for the price. Stays in tune well and comes with humbuckers, which im a fan of. Also it has a very low action so the strings are nice and close to the fretboard.

I have a few problems with tone and volume controls. a few of them have came lose but easily fixed. also the input came lose and did not work for a while. but also easily fixed after tightening parts inside. Another problem were the parts you put your strap on comign lose and falling out. I got this sorted out at my local store but it soon came lose again. I fixed this myself after by putting a wall plug into the hole then screwing the strap holders back in and have had no more trouble.

The quality of the woods and the neck/fretboard/headstock kinda things seem to be good quality. But the little thing like the tone and volume controls and the strap holder sna input are not good at all. but all is easily fixed. overall failry good quality

Good guitar for the price. A few faults but thats on my guitar. Dont let that put you off there easily fixed and then your left with a good guitar.

Try one out there definitly worth the money.

I gave it a 3 because there are much better guitars out there. but this is got to be one of the best in this price range.

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