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User Review

Ibanez GRX 70 - Reviews Ibanez GRX70

I got this guitar second hand off e-bay and paid £110.

This guitar is a really good Starter guitar it has a nice neck,i now have a EDR which i have paid £500 for an the neck aint that much better!The pickups are quite good to considering they are only standard. Nice shape nice action to.On the single coil it has a absolutly lovely clean sound GREAT for funk/jazz.

Well for starters when you get down to the lower frets eg 20/21 and you try and bend the notes the guitar just carnt take it but after all its only a starter guitar. It dont sound to bad on over drive but on clean the majority of bends dont sound nice(i have raised the action nothing works it is just the neck rises).

This is a tuff little guitar the amount of times i dropped it bangged it and it sounds the same and looks the same as when i bought it.

Great starter guitar! Especially for those up and coming shredders but for the more experienced players spend that little bit more.

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