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User Review

A really affordable JEM !!! - Reviews Ibanez JEM-JR / JEM333

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I play music ranging from blues to metal on a VOX VT 40+.

It's an incredibly beautiful, very well-made guitar. I had played for a long time on a home-customized Les Paul and I feel like born again. For metal and everything that involves heavy sounds, the weight is perfect, the neck is fast, the frets are wide and easy to access, and the Floyd and stopbar very efficient to keep everything in tune.

The clean sound is very acceptable (not Gibsonish but it's not what you expect from it either), but crunch and lead sounds are very good!!! My Les Paul is equipped with EMGs and they don't provide artificial harmonics as easily. Not even to mention the very reasonable background noise for pickups in that price range.

Its pros?
- Everything! I've been dreaming of a JEM for 20 years, now I have one!
Its cons?
- Low-quality factory strings (for a 500-bucks axe, Ibanez could afford an Ernie Ball set)
- Original setting was very approximative (in addition to the tuning I had to set the Floyd Rose's parallelism and height)

In a nutshell:

A beautiful guitar that's agreeable to play and extremely versatile.

I'm in love !!!