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User Review

Great guitar! - Reviews Ibanez JEM555

I do not know what country it was made but it is a custom model so I vaguely heard about LA ...

Bridge: Floyd Rose (there is a system that can effectively block the strings so that they do not go out of tune which is pretty good).

The handle is a handle JEM maple with rosewood fingerboard with beautiful inlay "tree of life" does not interfere with the game contrary to what I thought.

The body is basswood, just paint on mine and the plate is gold (like the rest of the hardware) with a small engraving repeating pattern on the handle.

24 frets with the last 4 are dug to facilitate the game The neck pickup is a DiMarzio humbucking in, the same as the pickup and the microphone in the middle is a simple (DiMarzio too).

There is a tone and volume knob, plus a micro switch 5 positions.


The neck is really nice and easy to play: it is an Ibanez. Easy access to acute and sound is good. The grip is good and even though I am a beginner I could quickly realizing.

The shape is nice, especially the handle ^ ^ it is relatively light compared to other guitars I've tested (Gibson Les Paul, SG, Fender Strat, Ibanez RG, etc.).


This guitar is very versatile with the config pickups and 5-way switch. I play both blues songs metal, ballads, etc..

I usually use a small 15W Roland but I also tested during a period of good racks lamps: head Peavey, Mesa, Laney and Marshall 4x12 cabinet.
Easily sounds you want we obtain for a clean warm enough simply is the best even if the neck pickup (splitable) is excellent, I use it instead for rhythmic. And the bridge pickup to be beautifully large distos :)

I do not hate any sound and do not really prefer either.


I used it for 2 to 3 weeks, but I already love it. In addition, many experienced guitarists praised me his qualities after having tried ^ ^

I tried a lot of models of all scales and all brands before I decide so it would take too long to list here.

I paid € 750 a custom instrument, whereas the conventional model is on average in 1000 and given the quality of the electronics and even the overall quality I think the price / quality ratio is really good :)

I do not really have any experience but I would do without hesitation that choice!