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User Review

Fleg/DJFrey's review - Ibanez JEM555

This guitar has landed me by a friend who wanted to swirl, I propose to do so with some finance and keeps a little guitar to play on. A brief description

Guitar Made in Korea
Fret Jumbo / config. mic selector HSH ibanez super 5 pos. Micro Di Marzio Evolution are the single coil included
Edge III bridge
Tone 1 Volume 1 Basic
Jem Channel 3 piece (I doubt if the 3pieces but good)

I t comrpendrez disappointed but you better with the following lowest


The handle ... Ah the handle! Well, it's very comfortable I have in the same brand (Ibanez I stay in to keep an element of comparison ca be pointless to compare it to a Vigier I u test at the same time) a S470DXQM with a Wizard II neck, and a GAX30 with a handle "GAX" (say it right on the site I ca not know it ske).
Firstly at the beginning when I acquired my S470DXQM the wizard II destabilize the species had solid ink in the middle of the back of the neck have really gen and I needed a time aptation compared to the round of the GAX30, the Jem therefore rather surprised me, just as a handle flat as a Wizard II, but the back is more rounded and better in the hand to my taste, it's the end of the frets are rather pleasant.

CHAC is simple to handle acute is screwed with the famous heel AANJ (All Access Neck Joint) of ibanez, but compared to my S470 the AANJ is thicker and strangely my cre ca some surprise plan during the height of the handle but nothing too 24case the handle being the access to the 22nd is all simplified.

The ergonomics are talking about, in the form of a stratabound type anymore "pointy" guitar is nice, accustomed to the shape of my S470 which I find very fine jem thick, the monkey grip (the species of HANDLES is not necessary but gives a unique esthetic touch that guitar, I have an RG with key Maple 90's waiting microphones and a floyd and is thinner than the Jem 555 is also lighter, although the body is Basswood guitar is all even relatively heavy compared to my guitar all the same mahogany (S470, Fernandes Mockingbird), but it does not hesitate to play up it's just a fact.

The floyd is relatively comfortable for the hand palm mute the game can be on my ZR tremolo with comfort for my upper hand in picking the same tune-o-matic of my mockingbird Fernandes. The strings are easy to install no need to cut, alas the floyd is not practical to regulate compared to the ZR series of Sabre, the highest level of use it is rather hard, I tried an adjustment, but nothing to do (and yet Floyd is not the first I rule I settle a lot for me and some friends and every time they elsewhere are very happy with my work), the bar is simple to just press, then to place it over u so high there is a screw with a spring cl allen Just set but can not block the bar, forcing it to walk around a pain, shame because the bar is very comfortable and small compared to that of ZR, but why confine this ibanez tremolo which for me is one of the best ever manufactured in series with the Khala Sabre?

A blank guitar performs well when my friend filed the rope had gone very hard with the 4 or 5 laps around the drum for mechanical low E! It puffed quite sound, after climbing a set of nine strings appropriately, the guitar sounded a little better but still much less sustain, the body vibrates well but I suspect the Edge III eat much sustain, Ms. Branch is felt the problem in this regard I have enormously disappointed t read below.


The sounds so I t deu very much friend had test in Evo Mount shovels, and made me clean the sample and etc. I found the sound pleasant, I like the sound of Steve Vai as well, but unfortunately I think that the wood of the guitar by the lime is much to my disappointment, there is nothing impersonal resort, I would say that compared to the same microphone that Team ibanez infinity my micro sword lack of potato and definition, I should try to get on my sword on the occasion. The split positions are both empty, on my S470 I t caught in a fender tweed with microphone positions, splitter rather the strato sound a little fat was there, a hollow sound with a sort of recognizable twang at each bend, and finally the really typical of a single coil and each had its own personality intermediate position allowing funky rhythm, here the three positions each have their specific sound, but it is not enough defined so that the average user to make a difference unless we make him out though, it sounds clear but not as stratospheric, the funky rhythmic less fishing, playing the same intro Answer I did not find compar has my sword, it is all the same exploitable, a good chorus deep, it's going to found a good thing, but ultimately it lacks something of the same wlohe. Distortion in microphones behaves quite well, the basswood some crazy sound in the air but with a POD XT and a preset destiny has worked well the guitar it sounds fairly well, the bridge pickup has a rather slim because its of lime, the harmonics are well defined but not enough can compare with what I have tried especially true but it's still playable Jem, in the evo stick makes a very good job in picking it as the sound I appreciate a little Malmsteenien, legato sound good he is eventually found a bit of Vai's lead in the end it saves the guitar.

By the way electronics is really a crap bit of the tone knob to react means that a substance or a 0, the volume is not far from being the same, that yesterday I had a wonderful exca Vigier Ultra Blues I barely touch the volume knob I had a little crunch and a clean his last brief happiness not to mention the tone so active that I allowed myself the wah wah!


I use it for almost a week now, the guitar is rather nice, a little thick but it's pretty far in such exhibit in a fly box, was seen near one end plastoc a little, it is m'enfin choices Vai and his swirl I think it will be much prettier and its owner will be very happy with the regulation of micro etc.. But as Ibanez bluff me on a lot of points with their Sabre series (I know I'm repeating myself but it should be noted that the series S, SA, SZ prestige or not his most emphasized that the RG and its magnificent level finish and are really excellent instrument at very very low!) or some RG RGT42 with a neck-through. Much by the guitar t pay a new 1500euros pigalle I think 1500euros and when I see the quality of the instrument, I am told that Ibanez could at least provide the Vaseline and ointments with, because it makes even when bad ass! Vigier say that I've experienced my friend had to pay 1600 OCCAZ, and I've seen even less in excellent condition not be serious my friends pay you a true course or a Jem but vigier piti the Jem555 absolutely no merit its price better nine in a chopper to see even a OCCAZ RG series and add a set of di Marzio, because here Ibanez went downhill in my estimation with this guitar .. .