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User Review

Stabilo neon guitar "a killer" - Reviews Ibanez RG1XXV 25th Anniversary

Made in Indonesia
numbers breaks jumbo frets 24 "with KTS Titanium reinforcement"
Channel 5 piece maple / walnut rosewood fingerboard
Edge Zero II bridge with ZPS3 "system adjustment pulley super efficase"
two double mic a simple Ibanez Dimarzio
aémricain basswood body


super flat handle very nice guitar to shred. acute attacks super nothing to say about the whole beast its worth, the clean sound is pretty sweet, nice crunch for blues rock then the bridge pickups in distos is perfect for large shred. Good midrange and treble pickups with this is typical of his ... Vai


palette expanded its great we pass a pleasant clean a nice crunch for blues, blues rock and hard 70's. distos In that spot it is effective I play mostly metal or blues.j 'have a ht5r of Blackstar, the good distos and bland. I tried on a Laboga the beast fucking the yes! strong point of the floyd Ibanez "attention dreadful factory setting", it suits me I have a Charvel a dean dixie rebel is different, it is a very versatile guitar that I like about Ibanez


except in abstract color "as told pals ptain his shock at the beginning its sting the eyes"
is a versatile guitar with a neat violin
a great floyd "with the pulley system"
a handle 5 pieces super flat
microphones rather surprising that despite lack of fishing sometimes I think it's actually my amp because it sends a Laboga
delivered key pouch perfect hand for the "nostalgic 80s clip" shred Yankee Rose "by David Lee Roth dark on this little monster