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Ibanez RG470

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A jewelry

By poeticboy, 17/01/2012
Made in Korea
Bridge lo-TRS
handle the most pleasant to my taste ... end, fast and very accurate.
24 jumbo frets
microphones handle INF-1 (hambucker)
INFS mid-1 (single)
easel INF-2 (hambucker)
1 microphone selector 5 positions
A volume
A tone


Handle very nice and fast, like all the RG ...
Easy access to acute
Guitar access rather rock / metal, but still okay to crunch sound and clear ...


for clean sounds, I use the middle pickup hot enough ...
For the distortion, bridge pickup volume and thoroughly ...


I use it for 2 months, and frankly, not disappointed ...
I tried a total of 25 or 30 guitars ...
What I like most is the "mouth" that "she, sound, and comfort of play ..
price / quality ratio excellent ....
Looking back, I would do this choice with eyes closed ...
This is the cheapest guitar I bought, and yet it is immediately become my favorite ...

Ericoto's review

By Ericoto, 01/09/2011
Model: 1997 made in Korea so
Bridge: Floyd
Neck: Rosewood 24 frets
Micro Original: INF1 (bridge) INF2 (handle) INFS1 (single center)
1 volume, 1 tone, dial a 5-level
I just bought a micro Seymour Duncan SH4 in bridge and a Dimarzio air micro notron dp 193 to the handle (I do not know what it's going to, because I've never seen this setup ...)


Flat handle, regular, perfect access to acute (the benefits of a superstrate which ...).


This gives the sound you want to have Ibanez as no real character ... it is a quality guitar with a violin impeccable, I find it lacks a bit of sustain, we must stir a finger if you want to keep the reason! In contrast, artificial harmonics out fairly easily, but the microphones did not adequately relay ... On the solo beat it it comes out very small, that's why I change the pickups (I like when the harmonics scream to death ...)

I use an amplifier with hybrid H & K ATTAX 100 (lamp preamp) and a Boss GT 6 then it's just a slaughter of International pxxxxx which we never talk to ... and found - 200 € everywhere!

It's also nice to have a little extra out Mexican fender telecaster blues blues sound with more soul, or a more slamming ... The small paul (where Epiphone Gibson) could also fill the gap. I can not get a sound suitable for playing Led Zeppelin, for example


I use it for 15 years (uh here it makes me feel like I'm old)

I played on many other models of all brands: Jackson, Fender, Lag ... The guitar is the most playable and most versatile that I tested, but also one of those who had less soul ... I still advise (even if it is no longer produced! )

The cost was about 4000 francs 15 years ago, when adjusted for inflation, this guitar would cost close to € 1000 today! So when I read an argus to € 275 ... at that price you have to be mentally retarded not to jump at the chance ...

Your basic shred guitar

By tjon901, 14/05/2011
Early Rg470 models were made in Japan and later on production was moved to Korea. The majority of examples around today were made in Korea. The Korean examples feature a basswood body with a 24 fret neck. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard. The body has 3 pickups two of them are humbuckers with the middle pickup being a single-coil. This example featured a Lo-TRS tremolo system. The body is a superstrat style with large cutaways.


The construction on these guitars is decent. I find a guitar like this will rarely feel as solid as a Les Paul or similar guitar. The fret work can be bad on some examples but on this example the fretwork was good. The Lo-TRS tremolo system is a very low quality unit. Cheap tremolos can ruin a guitar. Without a proper setup this tremolo system will make the guitar go out of tune often. Like most new Ibanez RG's the 470 has the all-access neck joint which makes reaching the highest frets a breeze. This neck joint along with the large cutaways on the body make playing the guitar very easy.


I am not a big fan of basswood guitars. They do not seem to have the thick sound you would get from mahogany or alder. This combined with the cheap pickups Ibanez puts in its lower end guitars may make the guitar sound bad plugged in. The switches and pots are of a low quality also which doesnt help. A pickup swap is recommended on these lower end ibanez guitars. The pickups ibanez puts in its lower end guitars from the factory are pretty dull and weak sounding.


With a proper setup Ibanez guitars are some of the best playing guitars out there. On some models a pickup swap is needed to get the tone to your liking. Also, you may want to look for a model with a hardtail bridge or higher quality tremolo unit. For a beginner a bad tremolo unit can lead to major frustration. Low quality units will not stay in tune without a professional setup sometimes.

Korean version of the RG-570

By Hatsubai, 23/04/2011
While some of the RG-470s were made in Japan, most of them were moved over to Korea. The model I'm referring to in this review will be the Korean model. It features a basswood body, 24 fret maple neck with rosewood fretboard, HSH configuration, volume pot, tone pot and 5 way switch. The one notable difference between this and the RG-570 is the Lo TRS trem.


The guitar is put together decently, but I find the fretwork to be very hit or miss. The biggest issue I have with these guitars is the horrible bridge. It's made out of really weak metal, and it tends to not sound or act nearly as nice as the Edge trem that was found on the RG-570. Given that it's a budget Korean model, it's somewhat to be expected. The All Access Neck Joint is a very nice feature that I was glad to find on these models, so that's a plus. However, the electronics are pretty horrible, so you might want to replace the switch and pots.


The body woods on these can be very hit or miss. Most of them are decent, but a lot of them are total dogs. Even with a pickup swap, the guitars might not meet the expectations that some have with a higher end Japanese Ibanez. A lot of the models I played simply made me want to drop it and play the RG-570 instead.


If you're looking for a budget Ibanez, instead of looking at this model, try to find a used RG-570 or something along those lines. You'll be much better off in the long run as it'll most likely have better fretwork, sound better, and it WILL have a much better tremolo that'll stay in tune no matter what abuse you throw at it.
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