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[Getting started] Top brands for acoustic folk guitars - forum Steel String Guitar

The best brands for acoustic folk guitars
Today is the turn to list the top brands for acoustic guitars. Indeed, after having done the same with electric guitars, we decided to let acoustic guitar players express their opinion.

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Prolly totally against the grain here - but I test drove a wall full of Martins - all new and all very pretty. Soundwise they went "thunk" and had so little resonance that I thought they all came stuffed with dirty socks from the factory employee's laundry.

Whazzat all about?

Martin was THE go-to name for what seems forever and now they appear to be gathering money to move to Belize as the executives get older and wiser.

So - in the same store they had RAINSONG I picked one up on a lark and honestly I was greeted with the sound that the Martins didn't have - sweet resonance and full sounding reverberating richness.

These aren't cheap ----> $1200.00 plus or minus a little.

TBH > I'm a Fender fanboi - that or the headstock has to have my logo on it (I build slab bass and acoustic and slab guitars and have started on some mandolins for a while.

I don't shill for anybody - not even myself as I don't build to sell. I tend to keep all that I make but I might've been commissioned once in a while.

Anyway - I think the Rainsong guitars bear a tryout by people looking for a guitar that sounds good, is a very good conversation-starter and certainly won't warp in humidity changes. You can use one for a canoe paddle and then shake the water out and play it. Try that with a Martin - or even a Johnson!