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I've imported into Cubase 6 elements a midi file which was made on an older version of cubase. It loads in ok and plays, but it won't allow me to change instruments on any of the tracks - they seem to be locked in. If I do change the instrument, once I play the track it changes back to the original one. Can anyone tell me how I can override the existing instruments?
Hello erniebeb,

Please have a look at your preferences.
Go to File > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import options > Destination
Here select MIDI tracks, then assign the desired instruments using the VST Instrument rack > Devices > VST Instrument Rack.
Save the project, or I back it up, I will recommend you to back it up in a new folder.
Then your sounds should not go back to the original ones.
If they do that means that you have program changes set on your MIDI file, therefore every time you play it back the sounds will change.
You can delete or change the program changes inside the Key editor.
I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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