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User Review

Multipurpose - Reviews API Audio 2500

Analog stereo bus compressor transistor 19. "
Sturdy and versatile.


Configuration ultra clear. Manuel ultra clear. Better read that said, just to see the diagram of what they call a compression "new" or so "old". In version "old", there is a system of feedback of the sound, but I do not remember very well. The difference is large enough to sources with strong transients. There's two or three details quite interesting how this system of "Link" which makes the stereo compressor + or - linké. At registration, it can be quite useful to not screw up the catch. Especially since you can add "filters" detection. A High pass, low pass one. Small example: stereo recording of two voices, left a plosive or a big wheezing and right channel may not be affected. One can imagine the same thing on a string quartet, when the cello pizzicato passes, etc ...
Attack and release are notched, and not the threshold gain.En for me, I prefer the large buttons. I find it + live + accurate + easy. Here is a little haggling.


Superb sound quality. Versatile machine. It is in the rack as I walk all the time. I bought just for this story link. Thanks to this system, I keep a stereo "stable". Most often I use for recording games players and I use it as a kind of limiting case where one of these players suddenly the urge to scream. It is a seat belt, use as a soft limiter: good idea.
And therefore, who says stereo compression, said compression batteries: it works very well too.
Who said compression stereo acoustic guitar said: it works very well too.
I also used a lot for vocals, in this configuration, I use it as the first stage of compression, softly.
I tried it on groups of choir, also great.


I use it since March. It is always on, a power to another, I use it. This is my most versatile compressor and I use most often. Easy, beautiful sound, not too colorful.