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User Review

moosers's review - API Audio 2500

The API Audio 2500 is an all analog stereo compressor. It isn't two separate channels that can split up - you have to use it as a stereo pair. It has XLR inputs and output for each of the channels, as well as 1/4" connections for a side chain. It will take up a single space in a rack casing.


The configuration of the API Audio 2500 makes it easy to use while still offering up a lot of flexibility. The main compression section has parameters for threshold, attack, ratio, release, and release variable. There is a then a section for tone containing a knee threshold, a 'thrust' detector, which is a high pass filter, and then a tone type selection, where you have new (feed forward) and old (feed back). In terms of stereo linking, you can set the exact percentage of linking that you'd like, as well as the filter shape. The 2500 also has buttons for in, bypass, and for make up gain in/out and a knob to control the level. The manual for the API Audio 2500 is very complete and helpful when trying to figure out everything going on.


The API Audio 2500 is an extremely punchy and vibrant sounding compressor, with a lot of clarity. It is perfect for applications of all types, but especially for those that are a stereo pair like drum overheads or a set of electric guitars. Having so much control over your sound means versatility as well as exacting command. For this reason I really think that you'd be able to use this on just about any instrument, given that it was the right situation for it. If I'm looking for a punchy compressor for any number of applications, if I have the 2500 available it is one of my first choices.


The API Audio 2500 is absolutely designed for and by professionals looking for top notch tone quality regardless of price. While this isn't the best bang for your buck deal out there because of the heavy price tag, it is definitely worth it for those that would be able to afford it and would be looking for a top of the line stereo compressor. There are certainly other compressors in this price range and above and below that are comparable in sound quality, but the 2500 does its own thing and brings a lot to the table that other compressors don't...