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User Review

moosers's review - Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

The Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor is a FET based dynamic processor in 500 series of modules which fit into the lunchbox style rack made famous by API.  This is a single channel compressor which I'm not sure of the connections since it was already racked up in a lunchbox style rack in the studio that I used it at.  The unit is made up of all analog components and isn't rack mountable in a traditional rack space.


The configuration of the Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor shouldn't be anything too hard to decipher for experienced users, and even for those without too much experience.  As long as you have basic knowledge of what a compressor does and the parameters that go along with it, I think you be able to figure out how to use this without a problem.  The unit has parameters in form of knobs for input, make up, attack, release, and a side chain filter.  There are also switches for ratio, curve, and bypass.  I don't believe that a manual will be needed beyond perhaps for the process of setting this up.


The sound of the Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor is pretty outstanding in general.  Every sound that I've been able to get with the compressor has been nothing short of impressive.  It is also a versatile piece of gear considering how many different parameters that you have to work with, as the palette extends beyond just your standard compression parameters.  The Little Devil is suitable for use with anything that you'd like to compress.  A few applications that I've used it for include drums and electric guitar, which are two situations where compression is used pretty often as far as I'm concerned.  I do believe however that this compressor would be able to adapt to just about any situation that you threw its way...


Like all top tier pieces of equipment, the Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor isn't your cheap compressor.  It will cost you about a grand in USD, which is about right for a compressor of this quality, and is actually a pretty good deal.  I guess you save the money on this because it isn't as large as a traditional rack mountable piece of gear.  I'd really only recommend this if you have a lunchbox to put it in and to power it up, although this wouldn't be a bad place to start your lunchbox collection either...Simply put the Chandler Limited Little Devil is a great sounding compressor...