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boboson's review - Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor

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We must go in for a little understanding of the different parameters not very common, but by turning knobs and listening, we know quickly who is doing what and how.
The manual I am not sure there have one, just a sheet of Recall I think, but at the same time, why?
So for publishing, we must look a little, but it's coming very very soon.


How to say, it is huge, really.
I tried many things, in the genus Soc Buzz Audio 1.1, 12, Audient Black Comp, Fatso UBK, Trident .... Besides the DL241, dbx 160 and other BSS DPR 402. I never found something so monstrous.
Well, Fatso the UBK is a war machine but in a different register.
In emulation, the only one that had a lot more is the API 2500, but we are still far away, well, it's hard to compare the hard and soft.
Placed on a group of battery, it's just fantastic, like on keyboards or anything, you can really adapt to everything, there are so many possibilities.
And he has this magic that happens in it though, it comes out really embellished.
Well then on the other hand, it's still typed, if you want the ultra-transparent, it's just not the right machine.


This machine is great, I had already Germanium preamp, which is undoubtedly the prémp my favorite, far ahead of many other things that I tested (Avalon (argh!), Neve, SSL, API, ATI, Midas. ..), it's the same with this compressor. I bec if I should keep only one machine in my stock hardware, it would be without hesitation that one.
The value for money is up, given the extent of the machine, the price is really justified.