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It does the job ... - Reviews Samson Technologies S-com 4

Value For Money : Poor
This is a compressor equipped with a four-channel noise gate (linkables two stereo channels).
It includes a small number of parameters for the noise gate threshold, ratio and treshold for the compressor, Gain Output buttons: enable or disable the gate, activate the "long" to release the gate (to ensure that she does not go out immediately) enable the expander button to change the source of the VU meter (comp before or after), bypass, stereo link ... so no adjustment knee or attack, or release, he does everything alone.

The connection is practical: the inputs / outputs are XLR and jack (TRS I think, but check).


There are not many buttons, so editing is found in very simplified. Be careful to input levels and output (I a little more detail below).


Good most of the topic now.
This unit does the job, nothing more. It sets itself to the ideals of signals parameters, and it does correctly, but it will never replace a real seasoned ears sound engineer (ears that I do not, unfortunately).
Live, but it is enough in the studio there is no question of using this stuff.
The sound is relatively cold, no presence, no value ...
The unit tends to saturate in the corner of its input levels, and it is frankly not good to hear ... but if you pay attention (or you like the electric saxophone) you should be fine.


I use it for a year, I always bring in concert when I do the sound, but I used it once recording, and I would never do it again.
I had not adjusted the input level, and compressed instruments were saturated in the most odious manner, turning a saxophone electric guitar.
Live it is convenient, it is not break the head to find the settings and it is relatively sufficient, I use it mostly for voice, for fans (brass and sax) and bass.

Its main advantage is its quality / price ratio: the price is, frankly, not so bad, especially since the compressors tend to be expensive as it is a central element in its chain.
A compressor is needed, and it makes him the job, so it's ok.
But I will use not provided in the studio, because there simply more.