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Review of Eventide UltraReverb

More than Just Another Reverb Eventide’s UltraReverb is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that offers impressive sound quality, sonic control and flexibility, making it a potent contender in the reverb plug-in wars. Not only does it feature reverb, but also a built-in compressor (mainly for compressing the reverb signal) and stereo delay line. As a result, it’s useful both for bread-and-butter reverb applications like vocals, snare drums and acoustic instruments, as well as for electronic and sound-design applications. read more…

AudioTouch C-Buss Review

The Analog/Virtual Symbiosis
 In terms of hardware compressors, the latest products are too often expressions of the same theme, variations on a mythical device that has already proved its worth. Fortunately though, on rare occasions, a nice surprise arrives at your door. This is especially true in regard to today's topic since, for once, the innovation was right next door... read more…

TC-Helicon Harmony Singer test

Pocket Harmonies More than half of the guitarists in this world sing. Based on this survey, TC-Helicon designed the Harmony Singer, a compact pedal with reverb and 2 voice harmonies based on guitar chords. This isn’t TC-Helicon first try, so what’s new? read more…

User reviews on Studio Effect products

Dont believe the bad press it gets on other websites ! (TL Audio - EQ-1 Dual Valve Equaliser)

By Joey Pensado, 17/06/2019
This is an incredible piece of outboard.
Forget what you read on other forums, this is a total classic.
It's been used by dave gilmour on all his albums since division bell
and their engineer andy jackson, then there is queens roy thomas baker who had to have one the minute he played with one !
fantasically underated eq, it seems the cream of the crop know its worth while the clowns on gear slutz are comparing it to their manley passives, which is a totally different kettle of fish !

Buy one if you can find one, you wont regret it !

One of the nicest sounding vocoders (Synton - Syntovox 222)

By dlmorley, 03/01/2019
I have had EMS and Roland vocoders. The Synth is so much better than the Roland vocoders at Vocoding and equal to the EMS. I'd love to try a Sennheiser but I doubt that will ever happen!
In any case, if you find a Synton, grab it. Wendy Carlos used Synton Vocoders I believe.
They also sold them as Dynacord vocoders.

Great quality, poor features (Behringer - Virtualizer 3D FX2000)

By Zig99, 20/09/2018
I bought this unit based on good reviews. I bought it for my guitar rack which is run through the effects send and return of my Bias guitar amp. I also bought the Behringer FCB1010 midi foot pedal to control both devices.

The reviews were correct. The reverbs are lush, the echoes convincing and overall the sounds and build of the unit are great. Unfortunately, as a midi device, the FX2000 sucks! There are non-editable factory presets and user presets. Although I can access the non-editable factory presets via midi, I cannot access user presets via midi. This defeats the whole purpose of midi if you cannot access your custom programs. Also, the midi thru sends the same midi messages to my Bias amp. This is useless. With my Marshall JMP-1, I could access all programs and decide via the Marshall menu which midi thru signal to send to my old Digitech multi-effects device. This is NOT possible with the Behringer.

The manual is useless and MUSIC Tribe provided incorrect/inadequate information on the midi setup. What a load of junk!

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thefutureisold Is Running a Summer Sale

Published on 06/08/16
thefutureisold Is Running a Summer Sale on our Tantra Presets Bundle

IGS releases 576 Blue Stripe

Published on 05/19/16

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A guide to mixing music - Part 100

Published on 08/15/16
A guide to mixing music - Part 100
After having seen the chorus effect last week , today we'll discuss another beloved modulation tool, the Flanger.

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