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User Review

Good quality and a good Q / P ratio - Reviews AKG K 240 MK II

I have for years, bought not too expensive new. A headphone that meets very well his contract, solid, which fits nicely in time, comfortable (important that), good sound quality (important too of course), practical with its cable that may change if, cheap, ... what more?
I can compare it with a Sennheiser HD250 linear 2 that I use on my hi-fi and I have used for (tens of) years, Sennheiser is better for my taste, but AKG is not behind, he holds the comparison very well.
A choice that I recommend for the type of user that I am: sensitive to sound quality, but not a purist, no mixing, real insulation.
For the price (it revolves around hundred euros if I remember correctly), if I lose I live redeemed.

I use this headset mainly to listen to the sound and music on my computer. I happen to also connect my Hi-fi, and also use it when I record parts of skyscrapers at night.
Semi-open headphones, but I find it actually closed or open, and that's fine with me. The build quality is exemplary, it is strong, lightweight and comfortable. It does not take the head in a vise (as opposed to a Sony but I always I stored furniture to stall, and yet it had cost me much pus expensive). The cable is strong, I had to drive dozens of times over my chair with casters, but it holds up well! And if the cable broke, well it turns, it is not life grand?
Practice too, jack choice: small or large jack adapter supplied. With that we are ready.

Solid headphone, well designed, comfortable. The cable is detachable. I have for years, it does not move, neither sounds nor held.

To listen to music on my computer, it's perfect. It seems that neutrality is not perfect, it was not me generations me, I do not mix, at least with this degree of finesse. I found a good reproduction of all frequencies, but perhaps I'm not demanding enough?
Insulation is good fucking, you'd almost closed headphones.