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Great, natural, comfortable, inexpensive - Reviews AKG K 240 Studio

AKG K240 Studio headphones, semi open back, detachable cord, very flat response. When I bought these I brought my ipod into Guitar Center. I sat down with 3 pair to pick out my favorite. Among these were Shure SRH44's, Sennheiser HD280s, Audio Technica ATH-M50's and a few others. Prices ranged from $100 to 200, open back to semi open to fully closed. On my ipod I have ranging from CCR all the way to Machine Head so I had a good variety to hear. I also had master tracks from MetallicA, Alice in Chains, and Randy Rhoads so I could hear how individual instruments sounded.
I chose these because the SRH's weren't very comfortable, had a lot of bass, and had a sort of compressed feel to them (they're fully closed back). The ATH-M50's had ice picky highs, weren't comfortable, and just didn't sound nearly as good. These are semi open back so they don't let as much noise in/out but there is still some bleed. They sound very natural, highs are smooth and don't hurt your ears at higher volumes. Bass wasn't overwhelming but even when turned up it didn't get farty. They are very comfortable. They sit around your ear instead of on them and have very little push against your head, the SRH's felt like a clamp. Basically everything sounded very balanced and what I'd imagine everything SHOULD sound like. Must be a reason most studios use these headphones.
Cool little things like the detachable cable are just a big plus. Overall these are great headphones. May not be the best when tracking because of the bleed but out of the ones I tried they had by far the best sound and were most comfortable which is ideal for mixing and just overall listening. For tracking I’d recommend a closed back headphone like the ATH’s or the SRH’s, but for mixing it’s all about open or semi open back.