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User Review

Highly recommended! - Reviews AKG K 702

AKG K702: Comes in a nice neat presentation box, these headphones AKG K702 monitoring type is open Revelle be a very nice tool for mixing and mastering. Listening, bandwidth seems very friendly, not aggressive or high frequency of large low tiring! I appreciate the musicality and distinguishes the precise position of each musician or singer in a set. Of the same brand, I also owns 271 MkII, closed type and with less spatial. Sobriety is a trademark Akg! To delve a little deeper into the extreme frequencies, I am also using another listening, Sony (boosted too much below 200 Hz and 12 KHz to exaggerate!) Can carry the K702 long hours without penalty through off padded leather headband but also by large soft velor ear pads that surround the ears well. The drivers are of large diameter and well away from ears, result: it sounds airy and spacious! The cable of sufficient length is detachable via a mini XLR, very convenient for example when replacing connectors and adapters jack 6.3 and 3.5 or more are provided! The materials and quality manufacturing (leather, velvet, plastic, stainless steel ...) reinforce the impression of seriousness of the subject, Made in Austria ... in short, I recommend strongly that more than listening to great value / price quite reasonable. Do not hesitate!

Use and ergonomics are of an excellent standard!

To see in the long term, but everything seems met to ensure proper strength!

The audio quality is simply excellent for editing and mixing!