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User Review

First skeptical and then seduced super ... - Reviews AKG K 271 MK II

How long you use it?
I use it for almost 2 years

Did you tried many other models before buying it?
I had a headphone with Denon, I forgot the ref ... but very good for hifi
I kept it ten years (repisse_mais good spectral balance), in recording I used the Sony Mdr 7506 impressed me and I finally purchased thereafter while guaranteeing that the AKG I love it.

What is so special that you love the most, least?
+ Comfort is obvious
+ The light weight (240g)
+ Headphones closed
+ Do not tire quickly tuned (low impedance: 55 ohms)
+ The spectrum (fairly neutral / do not flatter sound) sleazy bump in the mids, treble, bass well rendered. Response 16-28000 Hz
+ Ergonomics
+ Accessories shipped (smooth cord 3m and 5m twisted / leatherette and velvet ear ... and parts interchangeable if Hs)
+ If not cut his ears
+ Quality connectors (gold plated screwed)

- No storage pouch
- Given the size of the atria, not terrible to get around the neck
- Not able to listen in one ear / sound off automatically
- Repisse sleazy atmosphere in very quiet

As'm writing in the title, first skeptical, my Denon 7506 and the sony mdr really flatters the sound (good bass, dynamics etc. ...)

Limit initially disappointed (because any more objective!) ... Do not forget that this is a closed studio headphones ... for sound recording and mixing, and it is this perspective that I aquis.Je have wanted as neutral as possible ..
I ended up buying the Sony MDR 7506 as a complement to its power, its low dynamic but it is much more tiring.
after 2 years of use ... I love the AKG 271 mk 2 and the choice I would do without a doubt, contrary to initial ...