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Sell your Beats by Dre headphone - Reviews AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature

I have been using the Quincy Jones signature AKG Q701 headphones for about a year now. You can purchase them in a few different colors. The style of them is what attracted me to them, they have a nice futuristic looking style and I actually think they look a lot better than Beats By Dre headphones and Beats By Dre headphones are suppose to be the ones with the most style but I don’t think so.
These semi open back headphones come with a high performance cable and flatwire voice coil technology. The headband is made of real leather and they are self adjusting, meaning that it will adjust once you put it on and you do not have to worry about changing anything. The ear pads are very comfortable and have a special technology to make them really surround your ear with comfort.
Now when it comes to the sound of the AKG Q701 I had my hopes really high before I even heard them because of the name “Quincy Jones” and because of the price tag on them I knew that they were going to be great. I was completely blown away by these, and I was shocked that they didn’t cost more than they do because each individual pair gets tested and numbered, so when you get a pair you have the peace of mind to know that it was tested by someone to make sure it was the best possible pair and no quality control issues.
I would take these any day over a pair of Beats By Dre studio headphones. The Beats By Dre became more of the trending thing because of the colors they come in and the “Dre” name. But if you really want to get great sounding headphones and have the peace of mind knowing that they are getting tested individually then you need to get these. You will thank me later.