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Audio-Technica ATH-M40FS

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They don't last at all

By dalan, 11/10/2014
They look like solid and the audio quality is nice but after two month of use the plastic that covered the foam started to detach. After two more month the whole left side broke completely, try to glue but it did not work, finally throw away . They lasted less than one year.

They don't last very long

By vsavagellc, 21/10/2013
My love for Audio Technica runs deep. They're a very good brand that makes a lot of good gear. They're reasonable with their prices and they have good customer support.

These were my very 1st pair of closed back headphones. I purchased them years ago and wound up purchasing the same model years later (in the future).

What I love:

Cheap/Affordable and they're closed back. Very flat sounding which makes them good for mixing or better yet detailing a mix. Did I say affordable? (40-60 bucks). Accurate across the board, meaning if you purchase 2-3 pair, they are going to sound the same. That's important to me as a consumer

What I Don't Like

They start to breakdown after a couple years. The ear pieces, the material starts to flake off and it gets nasty because it's all around your ears, neck etc. It's kind of annoying. This is why I had to purchase a second pair and yes that one broke began breaking down as well.

Did I Try Other Brands?:

Hmmm, you know, I did actually. Farting around in studios, I've always been use to using the MDR 7506 by Sony, but when I went to purchase my own pair of headphones they were out of my price range at the time, both times actually.

Are They Worth The Money?

No, I don't think they are and If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't waste my time with them because for just 50-60 more dollars you could get a good pair of headphones that would last longer... Going with the cheaper option made me spend 3 times as much

1st pair, 2nd pair and then finally some headphones that were better in both sound and build. Again, I love Audio Technica, but I don't think I'd give these headphones another chance.

if all you have is $60, please save the money and get some cans with a better build unless it is an absolute emergency.

very good price / quality ratio

By Massimino, 04/06/2013
It's been one week.
I only had hi fi headphones before so not really test
I would do this choice.

I use this headset for mixing in a home studio.
A strong manufacturing it feels to the touch
First time.
Very nice even wear many hours.
Yes adaptation is very simple.

It looks very solid.
Double connector 6.35 and 3.5 mm.
Brand new for the time RAS

The overall quality is very good. The headphone is neutral, no exaggeration frequency, it comes out almost the same sound as the speakers. The precise stereo imaging, a pleasant sound, little mix through headphones aisaiment, c is what we demand a good headphone.

Perfect sound level.

Quite isolated but could be even better.


By stompboxjon, 04/11/2012
The ATH-M40fs are a pair of closed circuit studio headphones. They are very affordable only costing 69 bucks. They are very comfortable around your ear and you can wear them for hours without them getting uncomfortable or irritating you. The cushions around your ear are soft and keep some of the outside unwanted noise away from your ears. The ear pieces do rotate so you can listen easy DJ style or “one ear monitoring”. The driver size on the ATH-M40fs is 40mm and the frequency response is 5Hz to 28 kHz with an impedance of 60 ohms.
These headphones sound decent; I would not use them for any serious mixing of your music, Mainly for just listening or playback purposes. We had a bunch of these headphones and use to use them for playback listening especially when we were on the road. The best part to us about this headphones is that they cost was so low. We could buy many of these and not stress out if one of them got broken or crushed at a show or in the van because they didn’t cost that much and we could replace them quickly. Before we had these we were using a pair of Shure headphones that cost 180 dollars and when they started breaking it was really hurting our pockets.
The sound that you will get while using the ATH-M40fs is pretty clean. The bass can be a little heavy sometimes depending on what style of music you are listening to in them. The mids sit nice in the ATH-M40fs headphones and the highs are pretty clean and crisp. I do recommend getting these headphones if you are a gigging band and you travel a lot and need some headphones that don’t cost a lot to use for general listening to music with and listening to playback with.
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  • Manufacturer:Audio-Technica
  • Model:ATH-M40FS
  • Series:ATH-M
  • Category:Studio headphones
  • Added in our database on: 04/28/2002

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