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User Review

They don't last very long - Reviews Audio-Technica ATH-M40FS

My love for Audio Technica runs deep. They're a very good brand that makes a lot of good gear. They're reasonable with their prices and they have good customer support.

These were my very 1st pair of closed back headphones. I purchased them years ago and wound up purchasing the same model years later (in the future).

What I love:

Cheap/Affordable and they're closed back. Very flat sounding which makes them good for mixing or better yet detailing a mix. Did I say affordable? (40-60 bucks). Accurate across the board, meaning if you purchase 2-3 pair, they are going to sound the same. That's important to me as a consumer

What I Don't Like

They start to breakdown after a couple years. The ear pieces, the material starts to flake off and it gets nasty because it's all around your ears, neck etc. It's kind of annoying. This is why I had to purchase a second pair and yes that one broke began breaking down as well.

Did I Try Other Brands?:

Hmmm, you know, I did actually. Farting around in studios, I've always been use to using the MDR 7506 by Sony, but when I went to purchase my own pair of headphones they were out of my price range at the time, both times actually.

Are They Worth The Money?

No, I don't think they are and If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't waste my time with them because for just 50-60 more dollars you could get a good pair of headphones that would last longer... Going with the cheaper option made me spend 3 times as much

1st pair, 2nd pair and then finally some headphones that were better in both sound and build. Again, I love Audio Technica, but I don't think I'd give these headphones another chance.

if all you have is $60, please save the money and get some cans with a better build unless it is an absolute emergency.