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User Review

Q / P ratio very good - Reviews Behringer HPS3000

6 months.

Yes I tried a lot in the low end, I was looking for a closed headphone with little repisse less than 30 euros. And it is he who is doing the best in the depths of headphones with two balls.

I think the Philips sold 119 euros, or marshall in Fnac and Co. who CO0ooooL, Hype etc, well for 21 euros you have the same cam or better.
However it has nothing to do with headphones means range. HD 25, DT770, AKG etc ...

The notes are being flattering (even discredit me and I assume) because it deserves it carries a little more attention. His evil origins "Behringer" we are already having a negative Apriori before use.

Behringer is not that some shit (damn it was me who said that). About 3 billion of branded products, there are two or three that stand out. I think he belongs with the BCF 2000, the HA400, ADA8000. The rest is to vomit.

I first used for decision because it seems he has little repisse. It does well.

The headphone too tight head but the advantage is that it does not move even for a battery grip.
I feel oppression rather quickly. Prolonged use should be avoided. It looks hot. My ears touch inside and yet they are not peeled.

I recently used for mixing because my old AKG K240 600 Ohm passed away hair cell when I was dry thunes, groumph. I do with this headphone to a new investment.

I put 5 for making use of its

It is strong in its design but unless my AKG. Or its performance or connectivity did for now deteriorated.

Audio quality: here we are!

The noise level is high and tiring in the long run. Very strong momentum. The spectrum there is a predominance of low (At the same time, my AKG did not have a lot to him). Mediums are respected and non-aggressive acute and slightly recessed. As strange as it may sound, the bass is less fuzzy than other more expensive products (I think Beyer DT770). Can be qualified as a modern look to traditional headphones that have a medium narrower bandwidth.

We must recognize to my surprise we can do mix drinking with. It's hard but we can do it. I had to make a 6 tracks for a person Chian .... uh demanding in terms of tonal balance and I had only to touch after listening. However, I still struggled for stereo balance. From this point of view, but it is no zero.

I originally purchased zic to listen to on the subway. it does it well and I hear almost no rowing.