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User Review

Finally ... - Reviews Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro

My overall opinion is very poisitif outside the cable. This is the first time I can spend a listening high-end system to a headset without feeling to feel cut off my ear.
For once, the medium gives me some other avenues of research that my monitor and a fortiori with small NS10M

After all these years especially have to buy a headset for convenience that qaulitatif and therefore do have a cross on the fact of one day finding a good cheap headphones. I found the DT880 a very good headset cheap.

You know I have the studio headphones as first prize (home tho ... nn) I was surprised at the time of its quality (certe relative) compared to DT100 or even Sony are 4-5 times more expensive.

A try in any case for any use in a quiet environment in order to have a different listening track. Of talking about MASTERING as can be read sometimes it's a little awkward and this reflection will be the same for a headphone to 3 times the price of the DT880.

Important Note:
It is also very nice to work with musicians when listening to the mix. The larger systems are still a little scared and DT880 advantage is that it provides reassurance on this point musicians.

It has been over 20 years that I use headphones for different applications. I have long used a headphone especially nomadic condition for "cinema" and electroacoustic creation. Largest user of AKG 270 and HD25 first version before production change (qualitée inaceptable when we used the old models). Users also for monitoring musician cabin several Beyer DT-100 and Sony (ref escapes me). I know that my Ultrasound PRO900 to my greatest surprise is a great deception sound. J'ne talk later.

So here I am set in my studio for 6 years with Genelec 1037 Listens and Nikita Davis (anything below 3000euros enclosure) short of the beautiful world and that is to make you understand from what I compared. So more use Nomade here or cabin.

I do not, in general, work with headphones full of very justified reasons artificial spacialisation related to a problem of psychoacoustics, auditory fatigue and extended spectrum not necessarily balanced and realistic if we let believe. I spend feeling short sound box ...

Beyer Dynamic DT-800-:

- Ergonomics and Construction

Already this headphone is a true shoe for the ears, I wonder if I will not put it on my ears in winter just for the quality of comfort.
Is it too hot? Perhaps if the studio is not air conditioned. After the soft sponge side can avoid a ruined (at least in appearance) headphone
Fairly rigid setting but suddenly stable big head trying anyway.
Without a doubt the most comfortable I've ever used. After it is discreet as HD25.

- For me the connection part is good but in this price range is a fault. Jack molded and no ability to detach the cable. I strongly regret not having the solution used by the DT-100 series is frankly on this issue is a real problem.

- At strength level no problem this is not a DT100 but still we recognize the origin of the manufacturer. Solid listening for use but not for a musician in the cabin which may harm the process.

-I do not know if the appearance is degraded in foams (so comfortable) but I think I'll nétoyer Souvant to avoid having 10 years in a headphone that looks like a mop internship

Audio qualitée?

Ah voila ... Anyway ... I have rarely heard such good balance and especially for the price. Solid but not too serious before (Sennheiser HD25 contraitement and reversed for AKG 270) Low medium and medium just hyper. Maybe 800-1500Hz nothing back a bit but still in the accuracy of reproduction. The treble is beautifully stable and highly accurate. On this point he broke HD25, UltarSone PRO900 (especially him), AKG 270 and louise but other DT100 and Sony headphones.

It is a headphone that behaves more like a semi-open opened which also explains its sound performance.

On this point, therefore, spatialization is a real nice surprise. While remaining a semi-open headphones, complex sound plans are well made. With precisely this ability to not compress the mix as background référenses other prefectures above (HD 25 in particular).

Another important point the sound is very accurate according to the source I listen to the headphone output of the NEVE, DXB200, RME HDSP, Telephone I sound fairly variant not too bad surprises.

It is neck and neck with the HD650 Senneheiser of which for me is a reference ... but a bit expensive compared to the BeyerDynamique. If the HD650 was closer in price Beyer I think I would have been more difficult to choose.