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User Review

Inan's review - Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro

I use it for 1 month. Semi-open headphones, gold-plated switch, the 5-35.000 Hz frquence

The headphone PSE almost nothing and the contact between the headphones and the ears are soft trs.

I cost a lot of dj headphones called "pro" but it is a marvel.

With these headphones it becomes quickly trs account of default of a production, but when it's good, is infinitely well made.

Listen to an ugly mp3 compress everything with is a true ordeal (not done either).

I bought it for 218 euros and I do not regret this purchase.

I use it for the monitoring and even if it's deprecated just learn to know his headphone by testing its mix of all media possible and the tour is played.