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User Review

Great - Reviews Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms

I use it for 3 years and I am very satisfied.

I have not tried many other models before it. I already had a Sennheiser HD 25-1 II I always but not for the same purpose (I think, moreover, that the HD 25 more dynamic but this may be due to its different isolates, and his side "DJ").

The feature I like most is the sound quality and the one I like the least, his tendency to take very hot ..

The value for money is great for me when I see the price of some headphones like Beats or even Bose and although technologies are not the same (level of insulation) I remake this choice without hesitation.

Nevertheless, I would advise to use more miking or assisted mixing.
I'll be curious to try the DT990 to see the difference isolation and comfort but the DT 770 is prime.

I use it in my home studio for miking and mixing in different styles ranging from Electro Dubstep to Rock and Folk or even Trip Hop

The coatings are very nice.

It adapts well to my head and ears. However, I have rather large ears and the earbuds are good all around.

For me the headband is not too tight against by being closed headphones, use a somewhat longer it takes very hot and listening can be tiring despite the sound quality.

It seems very solid to me. For 3 years the arch has not released the pads have not degraded.

I'm not sure the cable is detachable but there is a threaded adapter to go from the connector format "Headphones" and Jack

The audio quality is top notch. There's a slight bump in the lower midrange but does not pose any problems, does not make its draft or another.

The noise level is lower than some other headphones (I have the Sennheiser HD25-1 II which I believe is 30 ohms so obviously louder at the same volume), but in the studio it is not annoying. It could be for use as nomadic headphones for MP3 player but it insulates very well so no need to explode the eardrums.

Insulation is very good. I happened to have some repisse the click sounds in some decision but the volume was quite loud in the headphone and the take was rather close to the microphone so nothing to worry about. For an even greater isolation, I believe that there is another version of the same headphones (DT770 M I think)